How to dress for a wedding ?

How to dress for a wedding ?

Today we will answer a question we are often asked, namely
- HOW TO GET DREADED FOR A WEDDING - sometimes choosing the right outfit is quite a challenge and finding matching accessories to make the whole styling form one whole often borders on the miraculous.
In our store recently appeared dresses that fit perfectly for the occasion and which we will use in this post to show you how and with what to wear them to look even better.

So if you've ever stood in front of your
dresser and wondered what to wear, what shoes fit and what accessories to choose, then this post is definitely for you and we invite you to read on.

See all the suggestions for the wedding from POZA

The main role of styling is played by the dress itself, it is known that it is the most important and at the same time the most eye-catching element of the whole creation. Currently there is a great variety and even greater freedom. However, our choices are(from left) Paola, Victoria
and Marion. In our opinion, betting on these dresses is the ideal option for those of you who are looking for an unremarkable and distinctive dress from the crowd.
A dress for a wedding, should be subdued and elegant. Any grand ceremonial creations are advised to leave for another occasion, remember that this is the bride's day, but do not forget
that we should also look good. Wearing a simple cut dress with an original design is our recipe for success! Opt for something simple and play with accessories, or wear something more eye-catching, and in this case bet on delicate accessories.

Shoes and handbags - this is also a very important element of styling for us. It is thanks to them, through their selection and combination that we can make any dress look great. They open
and at the same time close the whole creation. No wonder that in their closets many women have the most shoes and handbags - seemingly such small things, and they can change so much by giving character.

In our opinion, the choice of shoes and handbags depends on the dress. As we have already written simple dress - stronger accessories and vice versa strong dress - simple accessories. And remember elegant shoes are always welcome, and a small, minimalist handbag on any dress will look classy!

The cherry on the cake, the quintessence of the whole styling is jewelry. Delicate, subtle or strong and expressive? It all depends on the first element - the dress. In our opinion, on each of you
and for each dress, delicate jewelry is a hit, especially if we are talking about a wedding! In our opinion, the less the better! In this case, too expressive is also advised to leave for other celebrations.

We hope that thanks to our advice and suggestions of the exact elements of styling(the whole list of brands can be found at the bottom) you will be more aware of what to wear to the wedding.
And all that's left for us is to wish you a good time:)

Dresses: POZAShoes : Jimmy Choo, DSQUARED2, Aguazzura Linda,Handbags: Anya Hindmarch, Chloe, GucciJewelry: Sophie Bille Brahe, Melissa Joy Manning,

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  • Zofia Wąsowska

    Zofia Wąsowska 06/20/2018 Reply

    Pytanie: dlaczego nie są szyte sukienki MARION granatowa w kwiaty( nie jeansowa ) ? Pilnie potrzebna ma wrzesień .

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