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  • Formal dresses for ladies over 50 - a practical guide

    Elegance is timeless and has no age limits. Regardless of the date of birth, any woman can dress chicly, emphasizing her beauty and temperament. Especially ladies in their 50s already know their taste perfectly and have their own style honed. However, choosing the right outfit for special occasions is not always easy. We are often faced with questions about whether a particular dress will work for our age or figure. However, these aspects are less of a barrier than you might think. Elegant, classic creations can be worn by both young women and older ladies. People with a slim figure, as well as slightly plump. The right creation will always defend itself, emphasize beauty and self-confidence.Read More

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  • Elegant and predatory, or animal prints in fashion

    Animal patterns have an important place in the history of clothing. They have had different meanings at different times in the past, but they are still an important part of fashion. We often see them in shows and on the streets. They are used both in everyday outfits and for special occasions. At the same time, they are a very difficult pattern, which, if incompetently incorporated into styling, can create the impression of kitsch. On the other hand, properly applied will take our look to a completely different, higher level and guarantee a wow effect! How about formal dresses with such a print? We are very much in favor!Read More

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  • Casual or professional? Find out how to choose the right dresses...

    There is no single right dress code that will work in all business situations. There are several types that will be appropriate in different circumstances. Very often different organizations, companies, have a different approach to the dress code. Do we always have to put on a suit or a suit? Or will dresses for the office be appropriate? What will be the best dresses for work? In this article, we will introduce the basic types of dress etiquette for work and their rules.Read More

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