Casual or professional? Find out how to choose the right dresses for work

Casual or professional? Find out how to choose the right dresses for work

Business professional style is suits and suits, but also appropriate dresses for work

This is the most conservative and regulated of business modes of dress. What is worn in business professional style? Most often it will be classic suits or suits in black or navy blue. For this, a shirt or blouse buttoned in the front, obligatorily tucked into the pants or skirt. However, if it were to be dress for work, should choose a jacket in the color of the creation, preferably of the same material. Shoes should be black or brown, with heels. If you want to smuggle some color into your styling, bet on a colorful neckerchief or pillowcase. In the case of a more elegant variation of this style, namely business formal, there will no longer be room for such colorful accents. In this case, your outfit must be perfect and minimalist. Business professional style, for example, is the domain of lawyers or employees in the financial industry.

Which dress will fit in with the business professional style?

Dress for work, where the dress code business professional is in force, is primarily a creation in the style of minimalist elegance. It is worth betting on single-color outfits: black, dark gray or navy blue. Elegant dresses without decorations will be most suitable. Length is also important. Best seen will be knee-length dresses. It is important to remember to stick to the rigid framework of this style. Dresses for workThey can be sleeveless, as long as you put on a jacket of the same color. Otherwise, the creation should cover the shoulders. As an example, you can give a classic pencil dress with elbow-length sleeves without any embellishments. A dress with a belt will also look great.

Business casual style, are office dresses acceptable?

When it comes to business casual style, things are a little different. This is still a very elegant type of dress code, but one that gives much more freedom. For example, TV news presenters, civil servants or usually university lecturers dress in this style. It is also valid in many corporations. In this case, elegant dresses for the officeThey will work great. You can add a jacket to them, but you don't have to. Of course, suits will also work, but in a much larger range of colors than business professional style. To them you can wear pumps, but also, for example, elegant loafers. In a new job, it is a good idea to observe your surroundings in order to adapt your dress code to the company's rules.

What is the best business casual dress for the office?

Here there is more freedom than in business professional style. One may be tempted to go for other subdued colors of creations. Still office dresses they should be elegant and unfussy, but no longer need to be black or navy blue. Instead, such colors as beige, ash, écru, light and dark brown, or shades of blue will work. Knee-length creations will be best, but toned-down midi dresses will also be appropriate. In this style, you can afford print fabrics. Stripes, polka dots or checks will be perfect. A good choice may be navy dresses. However, this is not the only option next to the classic pencil creations. They will also work fantastically dresses with a simple cut. If you want, you can accentuate the waist with an elegant belt.

Business casual suits

Not only dresses for work, but also suits will be a great choice if we are bound by this dress code. In this case, too, we have more leeway than in business professional style. Suits with a pencil skirt and a more feminine jacket, such as one with a round neckline, or a classic Chanel, will work great. Also suitable will be ladies' costumes composed of a skirt with an elegant top. An excellent idea will also be an elegant ladies' set with pants and a blouse resembling a jacket. In this case, we can also bet on classic prints and patterns: stripes, checks or dots. Contrasting color combinations will work great: white with black, navy with white. In this style of suits, skirts should be knee-length or mid-calf length. Elegant women's sets wonderfully replace office dresses in this style.

Smart casual style, or elegant everyday style

This is by far the most popular style of dress for work, and also the least well-defined. It allows a lot of freedom and requires a bit of flair. It is a mix of neat elegance and everyday comfort. Often in practice, the line between business casual and smart casual is blurred. In this case, both classic jeans and more elegant ones will work everyday dresses, As dresses for work. A skirt with a blouse buttoned in front will also be appropriate. In this style, you can emphasize your personality quite freely, nevertheless, you need to remember to keep a neat appearance and relatively subdued colors. This does not mean that juicy and vivid colors are completely forbidden. However, if you decide, for example, to wear a fuchsia-colored dress, it is a good idea to tone it down with, for example, a black or navy blue jacket. In smart casual style, both pumps on a pole and ballerinas, and even neat-looking sports shoes will work. It is worth stocking up on good quality office dresses, which often worn for a long time will maintain their impeccable neat appearance, while being comfortable and convenient.

Elegant dresses for work in smart casual style

Compared to the previous types of dress codes, this one gives you a huge scope. In principle, any neat creation that is not overly defiant or costly will be suitable. As dresses for work will work well classic dresses in all colors. Still, it is worth paying attention to ensure that the creation is not too defiant, not too short or not overly costumed. In addition to simple cuts, airy ones will also work chiffon dresses. They can even prove themselves floral dresses. All you need to do is tone it down with the right accessories. This, of course, also applies to animal patterns, such as leopard print. Elegant and simple lace dresses also will be an excellent base for office styling. Flowy midi dresses in more or less subdued colors or prints will also work well. They will look beautiful in the office maxi dresses combined with sporty accessories. Remember that in smart casual style you can express yourself, however, by wearing neater and better quality clothes with a hint of nonchalance.

How to tone down a dress for work with an intense color or pattern?

If you feel like wearing your favorite dress to work, but are afraid that it will not be toned down enough, you can use a few tricks. All you need is the right accessories that harmonize the whole thing so that the styling fits into the smart casual style. For a creation in an extremely flashy color, wear a cardigan or jacket of a neutral color. You can often make a big difference with a black or brown belt. Do not wear high stilettos, rather opt for comfortable shoes.

Casual style, or complete freedom

What is casual style? It is simply an everyday style. In this case, you can wear whatever you feel like to work. Often this style of dress is preferred in small companies, especially in positions where there is no direct contact with customers. The ample opportunity to emphasize one's individuality makes it a favorite type of dress code in the arts or event industries. In this case, the main emphasis should be on your preference and comfort. Is the casual style at all special office dresses?

Everyday dresses as dresses for work

In a casual style, you can put on your own any casual dresses going out to work. In this case, slightly shorter creations are acceptable, as well as a flowing maxi. Often these can even be strapless or open-shoulder clothes. Simply put: in this style dresses for work these are your normal, ordinary pockets.

What dresses are definitely not appropriate for work?

Most women wonder whether they will not wear too little elegant dress for work. Especially for those more formal dress codes, this seems to be a basic dilemma.Meanwhile, this is not the only problem when it comes to dresses for the office. It is often possible to exaggerate in the other direction and dress too elegantly and too costumed. Of course, at the outset we reject any sequined dresses or dresses made of very shiny fabrics. Also, creations decorated with feathers or crystals will usually not work. It goes without saying that evening dresses or cocktail dresses you can wear to work precisely if there is a corporate event that allows this type of attire. In any other case, an overly elegant outfit will look very out of place or even ridiculous. It is worth observing the environment at work to match the level of elegance with the prevailing customs. Sometimes the prevailing dress code is not observed at all and everyone comes to work dressed more casually. Rarely is it the other way around. Nevertheless, an elegant dress without evening ornaments will practically always work.


There is no single style in which one should dress when going to work. Much depends on the industry, the size of the company and simply customs. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the dress code rules so that you can choose dresses for the office, suits or suits accordingly. Sometimes, on the other hand, plain jeans and an oversized t-shirt will be the best choice. However, if you are looking for an elegant dress for work get acquainted with the collection of the Polish brand Poza. In it you will find proposals suitable for any style of business attire. Polish dresses excellent quality will allow you to look great and professional every day at work and beyond.

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