Wedding dresses for mom - how to match the creation with the wedding style

Wedding dresses for mom - how to match the creation with the wedding style

1. The role of the wedding mom
2. Classic wedding - subdued elegance
3. Glamour wedding - luxury and splendor
4. Rustic wedding - idyllic countryside and nature
5. Boho wedding - artistic bohemia, freedom and nature
6. Intimate wedding - dinner with loved ones
7. A dress for mom to wear to a dinner party
8. What to wear if you don't know what style the wedding is?
9. Wedding dresses for mom from Beyond brand

Nowadays, weddings can have a variety of styles. Most often, brides and grooms opt for glamorous, rustic, boho and minimalist style receptions, but celebrations of a classical nature or an intimate feast with the family over an elegant dinner are also still popular. Regardless of the style of the event, the mothers of the bride and groom are special guests on the day. Their creations should emphasize the importance of the event, the role of the person and, of course, the beauty of the future mother-in-law. How to combine these issues and at the same time match the dress to the wedding style? It is worth reading the characteristics of each type of reception.

The role of the wedding mom

During a wedding, parents, according to tradition, are usually seated right next to the bride and groom. Usually this place is the most prominent, visible to everyone. This is just one of the reasons why the wedding mom should take care of the perfect creation, which will be stunning, but at the same time will not overshadow the bride's styling. Wedding dresses for momShould not only look beautiful in person, but also captured in photographs. Souvenir photos are an important aspect of any wedding reception.

Usually part of the ceremony is dedicated specifically to the parents, then the young couple thanks them for their many years of effort in raising them. At this point, all attention is directed precisely to the future in-laws and mothers-in-law. There is no denying that the outfit at such moments is very important.

In this case, too, it is worth remembering that the dress should be appropriately selected for the party, so that its style does not clash with the style of the decorations or surroundings. A ball gown will look inappropriate in a rustic hall and with decorations referring to idyllic surroundings. Similarly, an overly modest dress at a lavish glamour party may fade and look bland.

Classic wedding - subdued elegance

Weddings of a classic nature are still perhaps the most popular. It's a timeless style that refers to classic, subdued elegance. They are often held in wedding halls, but not exclusively. Decorations are stylish, chic, but without excessive pomp. This also applies to flower arrangements. Colors are usually soft, pastel colors. Everything is balanced and tasteful. This is the most versatile style also when it comes to attire. In this case, you can bet on both completely minimalist elegance and with delicate decorations.

Wedding dresses for mothers of the bride and groom can be of any j length. Pencil, straight cut, A-cut, trapezoidal, but also flared models will work great. You can opt for both a monochromatic dress and a dress with a print. Of course, for a classic wedding, floral motifs are perfectly appropriate. Dresses delicately decorated with sequins or zircons will also work. Midi dresses made of taffeta, with a flared cut, referring to the style of the 1950s are also an excellent choice. Consider such colors as this season's fashionable light blue, delicate shades of pink, beige or lilac. Vibrant colors such as cornflower, amaranth or lime will also be appropriate, if they better enhance the beauty of the wedding mom. Of course, in this case, three-dimensional attachable flowers will also work well, as a decorative element of the dress.

As an outer garment, jackets, boleros or scarves will be perfect, depending on the cut of the creation.

Glamour wedding - luxury and splendor

The glamour style maintains a tone of glamorous luxury. Such a reception is generally held in palaces, hotels or very elegant in wedding halls. Characteristic of such weddings are lavish decorations, often with gold or silver colors to add glamour. Crystal accessories are also common. Luxurious flower arrangements catch the eye. In such a setting, the creation should also be exceptionally elegant, eye-catching and of high quality. The cut should be tailored to the figure. Maxi creations will work best.

Of course, an excellent choice will be sequin dresses, with shiny thread, or with metallic ornaments. Models with zirconia decorations, with decorative buckles or brooches will also work. However, if mom is not keen on sparkles, she can bet, for example, on a long one decorated with three-dimensional roses. Such a decorative element is not only stylish, very elegant, but also very fashionable this season and extremely impressive.

Rustic wedding - idyllic countryside and nature

Rustic style wedding receptions are also very popular in recent years. Such a wedding is often held in halls or inns with wooden interiors, beams on the ceilings. It refers to the idyllic countryside and nature. Decorations are kept in subdued colors, often browns, greens, shades of ecru. A lot of wooden elements appear. At such a wedding, a long sequined creation will stand out from the crowd, but will not necessarily look appropriate in such a setting. It is better to bet on slightly more modest, casual models. For example, dresses made of airy fabrics will be perfect. Midi creations in flowers can be an ideal solution. Floral motifs not only fit beautifully into the style of the wedding, but are also very fashionable in 2024. An airy flared dress with an accentuated waist will help even out the proportions of the figure, while being comfortable during the party.

Boho wedding - artistic bohemia, freedom and nature

Boho weddings may resemble rustic weddings at first glance, but there are several differences between them. Decorations in this case also often use wood, but in addition, elements such as macramé or feathers are also usually found. Floral arrangements usually feature pampas grasses. Such a wedding has a casual atmosphere and the outfits can also be more casual. In this case, creations made of airy materials will also work. Monochromatic or in flowers, leaves or irregular, undefined patterns. A great choice can be trapeze cut creations, A-cut, but also long dresses, for example, with a raised waist. Lace, ruffles, flared long creations also fit perfectly into the character of such a wedding. Such decorative elements as three-dimensional flowers or feathers will work. At such a wedding, you can afford unusual accessories to the creation, such as unique long beads, necklaces, or a leather or suede jacket.

Intimate wedding - dinner with loved ones

Very often young couples opt for a more modest wedding reception. It is usually organized in the form of a dinner at a restaurant. The rank of the event is still very high, and elegant attire is also important during such a celebration. Moms of the bride and groom can opt for cocktail dresses or formal dresses. The best will be midi or knee-length models. Of course, in this case, both monochromatic and print creations will work. This can be a floral pattern, but also perfect will be classic stripes, stripes, peas or checks. Modern and elegant geometric motifs will also look appropriate. It is worth considering pencil creations, straight cut, trapeze cut or flared. A navy model can be a great choice. Wedding dresses for mom in this case can also replace stylish suits or women's suits.

A dress for mom to wear to a dinner party

Often weddings have a two-day format. Amendments, on the other hand, usually have a much more casual form than the first day of the ceremony. In this case, too, it is worth betting on a suitable dress adapted to the occasion. If the amendments are held at a venue, a great choice will be formal or cocktail creations, similar to those for an intimate wedding. Sometimes the amendments are held outdoors, especially if the weather is good. If it's an outdoor banquet, cocktail dresses without excessive decoration will be appropriate. For example, a sequined dress may be a bit over the top. Small decorative elements of zirconia are as appropriate.

Often, the mending is also a party with a barbecue in the garden. In this case, you can opt for a more casual outfit. In such a situation, a good quality summer dress will work, which will provide us with comfort and convenience, while still being a stylish outfit.

What to wear if you don't know what style the wedding is?

When we have no way to determine the exact style of the wedding, you can bet on the safe solution and choose a universal dress. Classic elegance will always work. If, on the other hand, the bride and groom say that you can choose any outfit, then, of course, the creation can be entirely tailored to the preferred style of the wedding mother while maintaining the elegant nature of the styling. The main thing is that the future mother-in-law should feel perfectly comfortable in the dress. Of course, in summer it is worth betting on models with shorter sleeves and lighter fabrics. In winter, on the other hand, the material can be thicker and the sleeve longer. S

Wedding dresses for mom from Beyond brand

It is worthwhile for the wedding mother, when choosing a creation for her child's wedding reception, to choose a model that will perfectly fit the nature of the celebration, and at the same time emphasize the beauty and temperament of the future mother-in-law. Polish fashion brand Poza has prepared a wonderful collection of wedding dresses for mom, which abounds in models of different styles. Impressive design, impeccable cut and high quality of the presented models make them an excellent choice for mom for the wedding.

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