Airy dresses for a wedding in summer - highlight the sensual and romantic side of your nature

Airy dresses for a wedding in summer - highlight the sensual and romantic side of your nature

Summer is a special time of year, and a wedding on a sunny day has a special charm. Going to a wedding in the hottest season of the year, you should consider choosing the perfect creation for the occasion. What could be a more appropriate dress in this situation than one made of light fabric that moves in the wind? An airy creation is extremely feminine, sensual with a hint of romance.

Beautiful fabrics, a variety of cuts

Often when thinking of an elegant airy dress, a flared creation with an accentuated waist comes to mind. No wonder! Such a cut and lightweight fabric create a wonderful combination in a classic style. However, it is worth remembering that this is not the only option! Airy creations can have the most diverse cuts. Wonderful dresses made of chiffon, soft tulle, mesh, but also other delicate materials, also look beautiful when they have a straight form or trapezoidal. Such creations also add lightness to the figure and are very sensual. So, it is good to match the cut to your own figure so that it best emphasizes its advantages and possibly covers up its imperfections, if necessary.

Airy dresses for wedding in summer they can be of different lengths. Both maxi, midi and knee-length models look beautiful. When choosing the perfect one, too, it is worth choosing the length that best suits our figure, temperament, but also the nature of the ceremony.

For whom a light, airy dress for a wedding?

Lightweight,ethereal dresses for wedding are perfect for ladies of any age and figure. Airy wedding dresses for a 50-year-old woman do not have to be different from those for ladies of younger or older age. Everything is a very personal matter. The most versatile is the midi length. It looks beautiful in lightweight fabrics, looks great in dancing and is ideal for such an event as a wedding reception. However, ladies who prefer longer or shorter creations are free to decide on the length that suits them best, regardless of age.

Similarly, airy dresses for a plus size wedding. The most important when choosing the cut and length of the creation are the proportions of the figure, not the size. If you want to hide the hips, but accentuate the waistline, it is worth betting on a flared creation with an emphasized waist. If you want to cover up your tummy, but show off your slim legs in relation to your figure, you can choose a creation with a straight cut, which fits freely on the body. A-cut models will also work. This cut is also great for both ladies with too massive and too narrow, in relation to the rest of the figure, hips. It will beautifully even out the proportions. If we do not want to show our legs, and still the belly is not our favorite part of the body, you can, for example, opt for an airy midi creation in trapeze cut.

All of these cuts look extremely impressive in airy fabrics and are perfect for a wedding.

Charming style in beautiful colors

One of the most important attributes of a dress for a wedding is the color. Due to tradition, most often creations in shades of white should be abandoned. However, sometimes the bride and groom allow such colors for guests. When choosing a dress in these shades, it is advisable to ask the bride first if she has any objections.

What colors are most appropriate for a wedding? Until recently, the questionable choice for such an occasion was black and red. Today, however, more and more ladies are choosing these colors if they feel most comfortable in such. Black is extremely elegant, but during a wedding it can be associated with mourning, so it is advisable to go for other colors if possible. Red, on the other hand, is an excellent choice, only you need to keep in mind the strength of this color and make sure that the cut of the creation is not too defiant. Combining too bold, revealing a lot of flesh, cut with red can give the effect of an overly defiant creation. A wedding is a chic celebration, so dresses should maintain an elegant character.

In ethereal dresses for a wedding, red works well, but there are also a whole host of other colors to look at. A whole palette of pastel colors is perfect. Pale pinks, blues, purples or greens look wonderful in airy creations. Saturated, vibrant shades such as fuchsia, cornflower, amaranth, lime or canary yellow also look beautiful. It is worth choosing the color of the dress according to your beauty, so that the complexion looks healthy and the color of the eyes is accentuated.

Airy floral dress

Floral motifs are extremely fashionable this season. This is great news for ladies who are looking for an airy dress for a wedding. Floral motifs perfectly fit into the nature of wedding celebrations, while looking sensational on light, delicate fabrics. If our dress for the wedding is to be not only elegant and airy, but also very fashionable, it is worth betting on floral prints. The most in vogue this year are roses. Creations with such a pattern are the hit of the season. Both picturesque prints resembling paintings by artists and more graphic versions will work. It is also worth paying attention to creations with shiny floral patterns: gold, silver or copper. Such striking decoration elevates the creation to the next level of festive and fashionable style. Certainly, an airy and elegant floral creation is a hit for a wedding party. It is feminine, sensual and with a touch of romance.

Elegant and timeless peas

Ladies who are not fond of floral dresses can bet on peas this season. This timeless and versatile print adds a lot of charm to airy dresses. It is also very fashionable in 2024. Depending on your preferences, but also your figure type, you can opt for finer peas or larger circles. It is also worth considering unusual, modern pea prints, which can come in different versions.

Lightness and radiance

Light, airy dresses for a wedding can be laced with a bit of sparkle. Then they present themselves even more impressive. A creation made of chiffon or delicate mesh can be decorated with decorations of zircons or sequins. These small details add a luxurious sparkle to the dress. It is important that such elements are subtle and do not overload the creation, which is intended to impress with lightness and delicacy. Creations with small metallic prints also look beautiful. Such a dress shimmers beautifully in the reflected light, while maintaining its airy, light character. Creations of this type are perfect for an elegant wedding in summer.

Striking details

Speaking of beautiful details, it is also worth noting other elements of the creation. Perfect for the warmest season are also strapless or sleeveless models. Beautiful short bell sleeves work wonderfully if sewn from a delicate material. However, these are not all possibilities. Airywedding dresses for summer are not only short-sleeved creations. Ladies who do not like to uncover their shoulders can bet on models with long or ¾ semi-transparent sleeves, which look extremely impressive and elegant, while providing thermal comfort on warm days.

When choosing an airy dress for a wedding, look out for attractive creations with ruffles, softly flowing envelope necklines or sensual carmen necklines. The rounded lines of necklines in dresses made of lightweight fabrics also look beautiful, giving the creation a charming toned character.

An elegant belt or sash attached to the creation is a way to make the waist even more accentuated. If the dress does not have such an element included, you can think about wearing your own belt when composing the style, which will make the whole look even more impressive.

Styling of airy dresses for wedding

About the styling of airy dresses for a wedding in the summer is worth saying more. When choosing accessories for a light dress made of delicate material, you need to take into account several issues. First of all, we do not want the accessories to be too heavy, massive, exaggerated, because all the charm of the ethereal creation can splash, overwhelmed by the other elements of the styling.

When it comes to footwear, in the summer, the best choice will be delicate flat or heeled sandals, depending on personal preference. The best will be those in a neutral color or in a color that matches the creation. They can be subtly decorated with crystals, pearls, beads or metal decorations. It is important that the whole thing is delicate and does not attract the eye more than the creation. It is the dress that has to play the first fiddle in this duo. Also check pumps or peep toe pumps on a stiletto or post, this season very fashionable are with a sharp point. Ladies who prefer flat shoes with covered toes and heels can bet on ballerinas without unnecessary decorations. Shoes on heels or platforms can often already be too bulky to keep the styling light and airy. An exception in this case may be boho style weddings. This style allows combining light fabrics with heavy shoes. Then you can even afford stylish cowboy boots or high top boots. At a classic wedding in an elegant style or glamour, however, this combination will not work.

The handbag is also an important accessory. Like shoes, it should be color-neutral or match the shades of the dress. A striking clutch bag can be an eye-catching accent to complete the styling. However, if our dress is very patterned, the handbag should be more subdued to maintain an elegant look.

Jewelry also plays a very important role in styling. For a delicate creation, the best choice will be earrings, necklace and bracelet of a subtle nature, in neutral colors. Gold, silver, pearls or colorless crystals are the safest choice. Large, heavy beads would upset the delicate and airy character of the styling. Again, as with footwear, a boho style wedding may be the exception here. Striking, eclectic jewelry with feathers, larger pieces, will be here to stay, but will not work with an airy dress at a classic or glamour wedding.


An airy dress for a wedding in summer is a great choice. Whether it's a single-color, floral, pea-shaped or with glittering decorations, it's perfect for a wedding reception. Beautiful for dancing and impressive for souvenir photos: you can look really stunning in such a creation. Looking for an airy dress for a wedding in the summer, it is worth looking at the wonderful collection of the Polish fashion brand Poza. A wide selection of cuts and colors allows you to choose the perfect model for yourself. Sizing that includes both basic and plus sizes is an additional advantage of the brand's collection.

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