Fashionable dresses 2024 - trends that catch the eye

Fashionable dresses 2024 - trends that catch the eye

The weather is getting spring-like, isn't it? There are some really warm days, sunny and pleasant. This is an inevitable sign that soon spring will blossom fully and we will be able to put the winter garments in the closet to wait until the next cold days. There will be no need to protect ourselves from the cold, so in styling we will be able to focus on striking looks, our taste and fashion. And spring and summer is all about dresses! If you feel like refreshing your closet before the coming season, take a look at the current trends!

Trends for the spring-summer 2024 season, or inspiration

Fashionable dresses 2024 and other garments in designers' proposals for the coming season are varied, but it is possible to pick out recurring elements that can inspire when choosing new clothes for spring and summer. Which trends will be widely adopted, and which will be just a curiosity from the shows? It depends on us. As is usually the case, some ideas will appeal to us, while others will be completely not for us. In any case, it is worth taking a look at the dominant details in catwalk outfits.

What elements to pay attention to?

From the variety of proposals for this season can make your head hurt! However, this has its good points. It allows each of us to choose what we like and what suits our figure and style. What are the main trends seen at fashion shows for spring and summer 2024? Let's take a look at some of them.

And now you walk in, all in white....

One of the more prominent trends in the proposals of fashion houses for the coming season are white dresses. Creations in shades of white appear in different versions and different cuts. Dresses in this color are suitable for both big outings and everyday wear. They look phenomenal both in knee-length, midi and maxi variants. When choosing the right dress in this color for yourself, it is worth choosing the right shade of white for your complexion. Pure white is not favorable for everyone. Fortunately, there are so many shades of this color that you can match a creation of the right shade to your complexion. The cut can also be adjusted to your preferences and figure, the most important thing about this trend is that the creation should be in white.

Kiss of the rose

Roses have been a unique motif in fashion for many years. It can be said that fashion has been romancing roses for centuries. These flowers are extremely inspiring for designers, as flowers of exceptional beauty with special symbolism. This season roses are taking over the world. They are fashionable both as prints on fabric and as three-dimensional decorations. They can be placed at the top or bottom of an outfit. Or along its entire length. The rose beautifully emphasizes the feminine character of the styling. However, this does not mean that other flowers are out of fashion in 2024. Of course, roses lead the way, but any floral or botanical motif will work in fashionable dresses 2024. This applies, by the way, not only to dresses, but also to jackets, for example. A jacket with a rose trim is a very fashionable styling element this season.

Tassels and feathers, or fashion for modern flappers

Fashion often likes to refer to trends from years ago. Among the proposals for this year, several such directions can be found. Among them, the reference to the dresses of the 1920s, the main decoration of which was very often tassels or delicate feathers. Fashionable dresses 2024 are also creations with such decorative elements. Tassels can be located at the bottom of the creation or along its entire length. Feathers are great especially at the sleeves. You can choose a simple cut creation with tassels or feathers for a modern take on the iconic flapper style of the 1920s.

Metallic shine

The style of the 1930s is not the only key fashion history inspiration this season. In the rich palette of proposals for spring-summer 2024, references to the 1980s in the form of fabrics with metallic shine can be clearly identified. Such fashionable 2024 dresses for special occasions are storming the fashion world. In this love of shine, timeless sequins also find their place. In a word, shiny dresses are very much in vogue these days. If you do not want your entire creation to be gold, silver or copper, choose a creation with metallic ornaments. Such look especially beautiful on taffeta or delicate mesh fabrics. It's also worth combining trends and choose a creation with sequin tassels!

Minimalism is back in a big way

The last decade of the 20th century is also reflected in current trends. One can notice a return to a style of minimalist elegance, simple dresses, or women's suits in cuts resembling menswear. The classic, subdued style is currently very popular. It is also associated with a fashionable palette of subdued colors. In this style, you can bet on dresses close to the body, pencil dresses without excessive embellishments or jacket creations.

Draping and creasing - a recipe for fashionable dresses 2024

We associate draping with the outfits we know from Greek sculptures, and such creations catch the eye among the trends for the coming season. This is one of the key directions in the proposals for spring-summer 2024. Draping in a dress often, in addition to a purely decorative function, also has an additional advantage: if placed in the right places, they beautifully cover up the imperfections of the figure. Therefore, for example, if you want to mask your belly a little, it is worth choosing a creation that will have draping in this place. The effect will be perfect!

Transparent, transparent, translucent, openwork.... women's dresses for every occasion in 2024

Transparency in creations has been fashionable for several seasons. This trend, instead of waning, is gaining momentum and taking on all sorts of forms. This season, transparent skirts and entire dresses are proposed. However, this is not a proposal that will appeal to most of the ladies. However, you can use transparent fabrics in some elements of the creation. For example, dresses with transparent sleeves look beautiful. Their advantage is not only the fact that they refer to the current fashion, but also they will work for practically any occasion, unlike creations that are all transparent.

It is worth betting on creations made of delicate fabrics, such as chiffon or tulle. They give the impression of transparency, even if there is a lining under them or they consist of many layers. This is also a very fashionable solution this year, and on top of that it is extremely impressive. Openwork lace will also work well in this context.

Frosty blue and other trendy colors

It is not only white that may be popular this season. Other colors are also repeated in the proposals of fashion houses. It is certainly worth noting the peach color, which in the shade Peach Fuzz was hailed as the color of the year 2024. Pastel lilac or pale yellow are also among the most popular colors. A sunny shade of the latter is also in demand. However, it seems that frosty light blue is one of the leading colors of the season. However, it is also worth noting cobalt and cornflower, which also have a clear representation among the designers' proposals. Marine shades of blue are also worth noting. The palette of pink shades is also on point. Perhaps with the exception of Barbie-style pink. This shade seems to have stopped having its 5 minutes, which it gained on the wave of popularity of the film from last year. This year, instead, it is worth betting mainly on powdered, nappy shades of this color.

The dark colors are mainly cherry red, chocolate brown and a dark shade of gray. By their side, the timeless navy blue is proudly displayed, which is also expected to be fashionable this year.


What lengths of dresses to wear in 2024?

Fashionable dresses 2024 are mainly maxi and midi creations. These lengths hold strong, as far as designers' proposals are concerned, not for the first season. However, mini dresses are also noticeable, especially in the A cut, which looks beautiful precisely in mid-thigh or knee length. The conclusion can be drawn that one can choose freely from the lengths - they are all on trend.

Timeless and universal peas

Not only floral prints, including roses, are expected to be fashionable this year. Since last autumn we have seen the great return of peas to the fashion world. They can be presented in dresses in the style of the 50s, but also in a completely modern edition. Peas are a pattern that works well both in creations for elegant occasions and for everyday wear. When refreshing your closet for the coming season, consider a dress with this timeless and versatile print.

Not only fashionable dresses 2024...

In the coming season, it is also worth paying attention to clothing that can be an alternative to dresses. Certainly very on-trend are simple suits and women's suits, outfits with full tulle skirts or elegant suits.

Fashionable dress accessories spring-summer 2024

In order to make the styling look interesting, it is worthwhile to match the fashionable dress with fashionable accessories as well. It is certainly worth paying attention to the handbag and shoes, and often a suitable belt is also useful. What can work well this season?

In the first place we can mention red accents. This is a trend that started as early as the end of last year. Red shoes, a red handbag or a red belt to any outfit can add a striking touch to the styling.

For everyday use, the best choice may be a large shopper bag that can hold a lot of things. Large handbags are presented practically everywhere as the main trend. However, this does not mean that smaller ones will not be fashionable! For elegant occasions, as well as for everyday use, we can also choose a bag in the style of quiet luxury, that is, toned down, without exaggerated decorations. However, trends indicate that it is also worth paying attention to those with chains, crystals, sequins or...fur. It all depends on the nature of the styling we feel like.

When it comes to footwear, flat shoes with a sharp tip come out on top. They can also be on a small ducktail type heel. This is a firm favorite of this season. Such shoes will work well both for everyday styling, in business situations and for larger outings. They will look great accompanied by a midi dress, and in the case of taller ladies, also a maxi dress.

You should also pay attention to high platform shoes, both in flat and high heel versions. This type of footwear is perfect for short dresses, midi dresses, but also maxi dresses, especially for everyday styling.

When it comes to stilettos, the dominant trend is a very thin heel and a pointed tip. This applies to pumps, as well as boots or boots. Flip-flops are also expected to be fashionable. Both in a very elegant version, on a stiletto heel, and in an everyday version, for example, on a thicker sole.

Stripes can be a very important addition to the styling of fashionable 2024 dresses. Especially wide and visible ones. A belt can stand out not only by its dimensions, but also by its unique color or decoration. Sometimes a striking and fashionable solution will be two belts worn at the same time. In this regard, we are limited only by our imagination and the occasion for which we prepare the styling.

Fashionable dresses 2024 in the collection of Polish brand Poza

If you are planning to complement your closet with fashionable 2024 dresses, take a look at the proposals of the Polish brand Poza. Among the models offered in the online store you will find both midi, maxi and knee-length dresses. The collection presents creations that combine classic elegance with the latest trends. Dresses with flowers, dresses with roses, or dresses with peas come in various cuts and color versions. Also offered are creations with tassels or feathers. Ladies looking for fashionable dresses with draping will also find proposals for themselves. It is certainly worth paying attention to creations with sequins or shiny fabrics. For lovers of transparency, the Poza brand has prepared a wide range of models made of chiffon and striking mesh. However, fashionable dresses are not the only offer of the Poza brand's online store. In accordance with the latest trends, you can also buy here, for example, an elegant women's suit or a chic suit.

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