Modern suits, or elegance for every occasion in 2024

Modern suits, or elegance for every occasion in 2024

Women's suits - trends 2024

Is there an elegant all-purpose outfit that works for both work and a night out? Of course - a suit! The set of jacket plus skirt is a perfect set, chic and stylish. In addition, a two-piece costume is extremely comfortable. What suits will be fashionable this year? Does the length of the skirt matter? What style is leading this season? Let's take a look at the current trends that reign on the catwalks.

Skirt length and the state of the world

On the surface, it might seem that skirt length and world crises have nothing to do with each other. However, as early as the 1920s, a correlation was noted between these two seemingly unrelated issues. "Hemline index" is a theory that indicates that women are more likely to wear short skirts in times of prosperity, which is when they are likely to be optimistic about life. In contrast, skirt length increases in times of crisis. In the 1960s, the "hemline index" was revisited, and since then it has been a theory that researchers have been leaning on, noting a correlation.

If one were to believe in the power of affirmation, with all the knowledge that women have the power to change the world, we should wear short skirts all the time so that peace and prosperity would reign. Of course, this is a tongue-in-cheek view, but maybe it would work? In any case, looking at the changing trends so far, there is something in the "Hemline index" theory.

Suits with skirt used to

Suits with skirt have a history dating back to the 19th century. Coco Chanel, in particular, contributed to the huge popularity of this type of outfit, but Christian Dior also had his undeniable share. The great return of suits to the catwalks could be seen in 2022. Today it is one of the most popular elegant women's clothing. Over the years, the fashionable length of the skirt has changed many times. Starting from maxi skirts, which were worn by suffragettes through midi lengths proposed by designers in the early 20th century, to short minis up to mid-thigh.

Skirt length - current trends

At the end of 2023, suits began to appear, whose skirts ended near the knees, making them neither fully mini nor midi. The length of the knee-length skirt in a suit may be one of the most fashionable this season. However, that's not all. At the beginning of the year, many designers also introduced their proposals for suits with a midi length skirt. Rihanna also recently appeared in such a suit from Dior's collection. Does this mean that, according to the "Hemline index" theory, a crisis is coming? It's impossible to say for sure, especially since in relief at the Grammy Awards this year Beyonce appeared in a suit with a short mini-skirt.

Quiet luxury, or comfortable minimalism in elegance that will work in 2024

In today's world, overstimulated, full of flashy advertising, in a flurry of sounds, colors and events, there is a special place for a style whose name from English can be translated as "quiet luxury." This trend is characterized by minimalist elegance, with no big logos, no status epithets, no exaggerated ornaments and decorations.

It's a subtle, fine way to wear a chic outfit that is also very comfortable. When choosing such a style, the main focus is on pleasant, good quality fabrics, impeccable elegant cut and comfort. The details are sophisticated and unobtrusive.

This year, it's one of the leading trends also when it comes to modern women's suits. In this case, well-tailored, beautifully finished outfits with a short collarless jacket and pencil skirt will be perfect, but men's style blazers will also be perfect.

In the proposals for 2024, one can see a sentimental return to the 1960s, as well as to the 1990s. This is also the way to look at suits. The 60s were mainly shorter jackets, then usually boxy, with a small collar or rounded neckline. In the 90s, women's fashion was inspired by menswear, so blazers more often had lapels, were longer and had wider shoulders. In 2024, we draw on those patterns, presenting them in a modern way with details.

Expressive trends for 2024

The current year is not only about quiet luxury and minimalism. For lovers of other styles, there will also be interesting inspirations. In suits with skirt, you can certainly apply some details that will make the styling fit into the latest trends. One of the main motifs appearing in various designers are three-dimensional flowers attached to the outfit. Most often these are roses formed from fabric, but not only. Floral motifs appear both on the top part of the outfit and on the skirt.

Another prominent trend is skirts made of transparent fabrics, such as tulle or chiffon. On the catwalks, they often appear in the form of a transparent pencil skirt, which is most often not suitable for actual wear in an elegant outfit. However, when paired with a jacket, multi-layered full skirts made of these delicate materials are fantastic, and in this form they are no longer completely transparent. Another option for the use of clearances in suits are transparent jacket sleeves, which are not only fashionable, but also extremely glamorous and elegant.

The most fashionable colors and prints in suits 2024

Even if you opt for a style of minimalist elegance, you don't have to limit yourself to a very subdued color scheme. Of course, black, white and ecru are timeless colors that will work perfectly in virtually any situation, providing an elegant and stylish look. Shades of lilac, pastel pink and blue are also fashionable this season. The color of the year was hailed as the pink-peach shade Peach Fuzz. However, these are not the only options. You should also bet on more intense colors, such as lime, cobalt, cornflower, or intense pink.

When it comes to prints, of course, the classics will always work: check, pepit or stripes. However, floral or generally botanical prints, such as leaves, may be an equally excellent choice this year.

Suit with skirt for work

When choosing a women's suit for work, it is good to bet on classic prints and muted colors, unless the dress code in our organization allows more freedom. Certainly, suits with a skirt in navy blue, white, black or blue will work well. Shades of brown or beige are also a good idea. The skirt should not be shorter than knee-length and rather not maxi either. It seems that current trends perfectly fit the "working girl" style. Of course, the quiet luxury style will pass the test perfectly for professional situations, especially when it comes to a suit with a skirt for a business meeting.

Formal costume for special occasions, or what kind of suit for a wedding

If we are looking for a suit for special occasions, such as a wedding, for example, we can go more wild. It is for elegant outings that fuller skirts, vibrant colors, unusual prints will work. Suits with such details as fur or feathers at the sleeves will look great. Suits with transparent sleeves or shiny thread will look impressive. This is also the perfect time to apply the trend with a decorative floral motif in three dimensions, that is, in the form of an attached rose made of fabric. Such a decorated costume is a perfect suit for wedding, Which will not let you disappear into the crowd.

Styling - what accessories for a suit?

A woman's suit consists of a jacket with a skirt. For this set, it is often worth adding something under the jacket. For a knee-length or midi pencil skirt, a striking blouse, for example, with a tie at the neck, will be an excellent choice. A shirt blouse will also pass the test. For warmer days you can choose a strapless top, for example, with lace trim. A white blouse or in ecru color will work in almost any case. Sleeveless shirts or turtlenecks will also be perfect for everyday styling, depending on the weather.

Tights for suits are best thin, flesh-colored. This is the optimal solution regardless of the color scheme of the costume.

Heeled shoes look most favorable with the skirt, but you can also choose flat ballerinas, moccasins, or lords.

In the trend of classic elegance, such accessories as a handbag should be subdued. However, it is worth remembering that sometimes a striking accessory can take styling to a whole new level, emphasizing our personality. So a handbag, which will be a kind of style statement, is as good as possible in many cases.

If not a suit with a skirt, then what?

Not all ladies like suits, so this year it is also worth betting on sets with pants. These can be classic women's suits, especially referring to the minimalist style of the 90s. Navy dresses, which somewhat resemble the style of suits with a skirt, are also an impressive option.

Where to buy the perfect skirt suits?

A quiet luxury style suit should, above all, be of high quality, perfectly tailored and of pleasant material. Such proposals can be found in the online store of the Polish brand Poza. There will also be models corresponding to a less minimalist style, so that each lady can choose the perfect set for herself. The advantage of the collection of suits with skirt of the Poza brand is the size range, which includes both basic and plus sizes. The store also offers chic and elegant women's suits or navy dresses. A wide selection of designs and colors allows you to match your outfit to the occasion.

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