Stylish and confident - discover the most fashionable women's suits

Stylish and confident - discover the most fashionable women's suits

Women's fashion is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of cuts, patterns, prints and accessories. Everything is changing faster and faster, trends point in a variety of directions even during one season. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of it all. Therefore, the best way to always look chic and up-to-date is to choose classics combined with fashionable details. This season, you should definitely bet on stylish women's suits, which have proven themselves for years as an elegant outfit that emphasizes self-confidence.

The history of the women's suit at a glance

The suit, known as a two-piece outfit consisting of a jacket and pants, has its origins in men's fashion. For centuries, such clothing was not considered appropriate for women. Ladies wore long, often uncomfortable gowns, corsets, petticoats while gentlemen could enjoy the advantages of more comfortable outfits with pants. The first famous woman to incorporate a suit into her closet was the scandalous French actress Sarah Bernhardt. Already in the late 19th century she caused controversy by showing up in this, hitherto masculine, outfit. Thanks to the suffragettes, the women's suit was worn by more and more women. Undoubtedly, Coco Chanel also contributed to this, who began to give suits a feminine form. However, it was still difficult to consider such women's attire as commonplace. In the following decades, Marlene Dietrich or Audrey Hepburn showing up in pants and a jacket made the suit finally enter the women's closet permanently.

Classics in fashion

Nowadays, the suit is already a classic women's outfit. However, we still associate it with strength, feistiness and confidence. Perhaps this is due to its history - how much time it took and brave women to introduce this outfit into women's closet. This season it is certainly worth paying attention to the most fashionable women's suits. This is a great way to update your closet in 2024. The set of pants with a blazer will work for many occasions: from professional to elegant parties.

Women's Business Suit 2024

A stylish women's suit as a formal or evening outfit is a striking and non-obvious solution. In general, when choosing an outfit for special events, the first thing that comes to mind is an elegant dress. However, if we fancy an offbeat styling, which will at the same time emphasize our personality and self-confidence, it is worth betting on an elegant suit with fashionable accents.

This season, both quiet luxury and glamour suits will work as formal attire. To excellent news, for the reason that each of us is different, with different tastes and temperament.

Classic suits, without showy accessories, but perfectly tailored and carefully sewn, are a fantastic base for evening styling. Such a suit has an additional advantage: we can also use it during less formal events. It is extremely versatile and timeless. Fashionable this season will not lose its relevance in the next. Classic elegance in a minimalist style defends itself always.

Another option is suits with this year's fashionable details. If you look at the trends, the most striking thing is the ubiquitous roses. This floral motif in various guises has conquered the fashion world this season. Therefore, a perfect decorative element for a suit or jacket itself, for example, will be a three-dimensional rose, which will not only make our outfit directly in line with the latest fashion trends, but also add even more feminine element to the styling.

A great decorative element for evening outings are also delicate feathers at the sleeves. When choosing a suit with such an accessory, it is worth making sure that it is detachable. This gives you an outfit that can be easily styled for more festive or less and used on different occasions.

In 2024, the most fashionable suits are also those that refer to the glamour style. Striking, glittering fabrics, details with gold thread, metallic ornaments, this is what will work perfectly during special ceremonies, emphasizing the rank of the event.

garnitur damski

Civil wedding in a white women's suit

A fashionable women's suit in white or ecru is a unique and original outfit idea for a bride for a civil wedding. This season it is worth considering this option. Both suits with a fashionable and striking rose decorating the jacket and, for example, with feathers at the sleeves will be perfect. These decorative elements will emphasize the unique character of the outfit. For ladies who do not necessarily want to get married in shades of white, women's suits in pastel colors will be great for the occasion.

garnitury damskie

In the office, at the law firm and at a business meeting

At work, too, you can look fashionable and elegant while emphasizing your confidence and character. A women's suit is said to make us perceived as competent and professional. That's why it's worth reaching for this classic outfit in professional situations.

The most fashionable women's suitsFor work are classic sets of pants with a longer jacket. Often their color scheme should fit in with the dress code of the organization. Business professional style will be mainly black, navy blue and gray suits. However, when we can afford more color, it is also worth considering beige, white, ecru, blue or pastel pink. Suits with classic patterns, such as check, peplite or stripes, will also be an excellent choice.

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Women's suit as stylish casual wear

Pants and jacket is not only a glamorous outfit, but also a comfortable one. This makes it an excellent everyday option if you value looking stylish every day. The most fashionable everyday suits can come in a variety of cuts. From oversized jackets to waist-length, cigarette pants, on the contrary, very wide. It is worth betting on fashionable colors, such as peach, orange, blue, ash or pink. Any other colors that correspond with our beauty will also work. Fortunately, on a daily basis we can afford complete freedom in this regard, which also applies to the patterns on the fabric.

Suit, or women's suit with skirt

Not all ladies like pants, however, appreciate the chic style represented by a women's suit. Then it is worth betting on its variation in the form of an elegant suit with a skirt. This type of outfit is also suitable both during major celebrations and at work or on a daily basis. Fashionable suits 2024 may differ in cut and style, so it is worth choosing one that best emphasizes the assets of our figure and our personality.

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Jacket dress - a dress inspired by men's blazers

Jacket dresses are also a great alternative to classic women's suits. Their cut refers to the cut of a man's jacket. It can come in a double-breasted or single-breasted version. This is an excellent formal outfit, but also a great outfit for work, which will emphasize our professionalism in an impressive style.

Striking styles for different occasions

Women's suits are a fantastic base for unique styling for both big outings and everyday wear. It is worth composing the right accessories to get an individual, eye-catching look.

What to wear under a jacket?

Although a suit looks great when we only have underwear underneath, in many cases we want to wear an extra piece of clothing under the jacket. Sometimes this is purely for styling purposes, but often it's also a practical solution that allows us to unbutton or remove the jacket at any time.

In everyday situations, a strapless top can be worn under the jacket on warmer days, or even a t-shirt. When it is cooler, a simple blouse, shirt, but also a turtleneck or thin sweater will also work.

In styling for work, these options will also work well. While the casual look allows more freedom in color compositions, of course, the outfit for work should usually be kept in subdued colors.

For larger celebrations, you can choose a top decorated with lace or a striking blouse, for example.


For a women's suit looks great with stilettos. Especially in evening styling, they go perfectly with this outfit. A good choice are pumps on a post, these will also work well in business situations. For work and everyday wear, you can also bet on flat shoes: ballerinas, lords, loafers or moccasins.

Boots or boots can also be a great choice, especially in colder weather, depending on the shape and leg length of your pants.


The right belt for pants will complement the styling in many cases perfectly. Especially if we are going to wear an unbuttoned jacket or take it off. Not all pants in women's suits have belt loops, so this accessory will not always be applicable. However, it is worthwhile to take an unconventional approach to composing a look. A belt worn over a jacket can make the styling look exceptionally effective and original. It is worth experimenting with the width of the belt and colors!


A handbag is basically a mandatory part of a woman's outfit. The choice of a handbag for a suit is governed by the same laws as for dresses or suits. For evening styling we choose smaller handbags, for everyday use it can even be a shopper or a backpack.


A striking brooch is a wonderful addition to a suit. Even a simple in form set of jacket with pants can take on a whole new character if complemented with the right brooch.

Where to buy the most fashionable women's suits?

The online store of the Polish brand Poza offers beautiful women's suits that combine classics with current trends. Attention is drawn to the impeccable cut and beautiful colors of the presented models. Inclusive sizing means that Poza brand women's suits are produced in basic and plus sizes. The offer includes both proposals for everyday wear and for formal occasions.

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