Wedding suits for mom - fashion tips

Wedding suits for mom - fashion tips

Wedding mom's outfit - the rules

There are no strict guidelines for the outfit of the future mother-in-law at the wedding ceremony, but if the outfit is to be elegant, it is worth remembering a few details. The creation should not be too defiant, as it is especially important to maintain good taste and chic character of the outfit. Therefore, the skirt or dress should reach at least to the knees, the neckline should not be too deep and it is best if the shoulders are covered.

The color scheme of the outfit is also important. Bright, cheerful colors and vibrant hues that emphasize the nature of the celebration will work best. Of course, like other guests, moms should avoid shades of white. These are reserved for the bride.

Wedding suits for mom as an alternative to dresses

A wedding and reception is many hours full of emotions, conversations, and often fun on the dance floor, so it is so important to feel good in the chosen outfit. Impeccably tailored wedding suitsFor mom are a great choice. In addition to a stylish appearance, they also provide excellent comfort.

Weddings come in a variety of forms. They can be lavish glamour parties for hundreds of people, or they can be classic weddings with a more casual, though still elegant, character. Some young couples opt for intimate parties with loved ones or a formal dinner after the wedding ceremony. Will a suit work in any of these situations? Yes!

For glamour style weddings, you can opt for ensembles consisting of pants and a skirt in that style as well. However, if the mother wants to appear in an evening dress at the beginning of the ceremony, it is possible to change into a more comfortable but chic women's costume after midnight. If the wedding is held in a very intimate form, a suit is even the ideal choice for the entire event.

Women's suits with skirt, or timeless elegance

Women's suit with skirt is an outfit that is always considered chic. It is suitable for many occasions that require an elegant look. Nowadays, women's costumes are offered in a very wide range of cuts and colors. They can vary dramatically in style. Ladies who prefer classic elegance can bet on sets that refer to traditional lines. On the other hand, those ladies who like modern and original solutions also have a huge palette of choices. It is worth paying attention to the details that make the set of jacket with skirt has a unique style. A wedding is an occasion where you can both opt for classic solutions and go wild with fashion.

Classic suit, or pencil skirt and jacket

Lovers of classic elegance most often choose suits with a pencil skirt and a feminine, waist-length jacket. Suits with boxy chanel-type jackets are also among the classics. Depending on the type of silhouette and individual preferences, you can bet on a jacket with or without a collar.

For a jacket with lapels, it is a good idea to pay attention to the depth of the neckline. If the cutout shows too much flesh, it is worth considering appropriate clothing underneath. This can be an elegant blouse, shirt or, for example, a satin or lace top.

Jackets, which do not have a collar and have a shallow neckline, can be worn directly over underwear, as long as you do not intend to remove this piece of clothing throughout the ceremony. Sometimes during the wedding, however, it can get too warm, so it is a good idea to wear at least an elegant top under the jacket. This way you can freely regulate the thermal comfort by unbuttoning or removing the jacket. A pencil skirt and an elegant top will still look elegant.

Modern suits in different looks

Modern suitsOften also refer to classic elegance, but their details are inspired by the latest fashion trends. This season, special attention should be paid to sets with an airy, flared skirt. This is a very fashionable combination this year. In addition, such a suit looks beautiful when dancing, which is especially important at a wedding. Such a delightful, unusual set is sure to attract the eyes of all guests.

Striking decorative elements also elevate an elegant suit to a higher level of style. Note the sets with feathers or fur at the sleeves, shiny decorations, beautiful buttons or unusual fabric.

Women's suit, or stylish suit with pants

Traditionally, a suit is a set that consists of a jacket and skirt. However, sometimes a women's suit is called a suit with pants. This, too, is an excellent wedding option for a mom who is not fond of dresses or skirts. Pants are a comfortable and elegant alternative. Such a set will work especially for more intimate weddings, as well as being an excellent outfit for dressing up at a large event. Of course, a classic set will work, as well as a set with fashionable details.

A hit of this season are three-dimensional flowers decorating the jacket. Elegant women's suit with pants with such a decorative element looks extremely chic and fits perfectly into the nature of wedding celebrations. The wedding mom can also bet on a women's suit with a jacket made of pleasant taffeta with a metallic pattern. This is a proposal perfect even for very lavish parties.

It is important to remember that the outfit is not only to be elegant, but should also emphasize the style and personality of the wedding mother. Therefore, if the mother-in-law-to-be feels best in pants, nothing prevents her from choosing just a chic women's suit.

Best colors for a wedding mom

Wedding fashion is usually pastel colors. This is because a wedding and the party following it are joyful events. In European culture, it is bright colors that we associate with joy and happiness. However, this does not mean that only pastel colors are acceptable at a wedding. Wedding moms can also show up in vibrant shades such as lime, cornflower, fuchsia, bright yellow or others. Such energetic hues are also perfectly appropriate. On the other hand, if the bride's or groom's mother prefers dark, muted colors, it's best to choose bottle green, maroon, navy blue or chocolate brown. It is important to avoid black and white. The former is very much associated with mourning, and while black-tone styling is sometimes seen among wedding guests, the wedding mom should choose a different color. White and her, of course, as mentioned above, is reserved for the bride.

Sometimes it happens that brides and grooms have a particular vision of the color scheme of their outfits. In this case, it may even be that black or white is even advisable and can be worn.Sometimes it may be that the bride appears in a dress of a different color, such as peach, red or purple, and prefers that guests avoid them. However, these are exceptional situations and will certainly be discussed with the family before the ceremony.

How to choose the right cut?

The cut of the suit should be tailored to the body type of the wedding mom. With a proportional figure, with a pronounced waistline, it is worth betting on asuits with skirt pencil and waisted jacket, preferably single-breasted. Boxy or oversized blazers will not look good enough. Both a jacket with a collar and lapels and a collarless jacket will be perfect. In the latter case, it is better to choose a suit with a V neckline rather than a round neckline.

Ladies, with shoulders relatively narrow compared to their hips and with a marked waist, will look great in suits with a flared, flowy skirt and a fitted jacket. It's perfect if the jacket has buffets or cushions, which optically slightly bridges the gap between shoulders and hips. If the proportions are reversed: shoulders are wider than hips, avoid jackets with buffets, as well as oversize jackets. It is best to opt for a single-button jacket with a deep neckline and narrow lapels. A suit with wide pants will be perfect in this case. Ladies who boast slender legs and hips, but lack a waistline and have a generous bust, will look best in suits made of soft fabrics, with a pointed neckline. The jacket should be waisted to slightly outline the waistline. Depending on the type of suit, you can opt for a belt with a decorative buckle or a tied belt worn over the jacket. Of course, it is best to bet on a knee-length skirt, not longer. The silhouette will look even better if the jacket sleeves are ¾ or ⅞ length. Ladies who have a column-type figure, i.e. a figure with balanced proportions without a waistline, will look great in a women's suit with a one-button blazer and ⅞-length cigarette pants. A suit with a pencil skirt and a waist-length jacket will also be an excellent choice. Ideally, if the jacket is with a basque.

When choosing a suit cut, remember that the proportions of the figure are the factor that most affects how the garment looks on the figure - not the size!


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