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  • Hera Tennis White Fitted Dress
    789,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  46  48 



    Fitted dress in white with a delicate black stripe. Fitted model with a waist emphasized with a belt.sleeves past the elbow covered front zipper v necklineComposition: 65% viscose 33% polyester 2% elastane lining: 100% viscose
  • Tara Striped Beige Jacket Dress...
    839,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38 



    Classic jacket cutdress fastened with covered buttons. Waist highlighted by a decorative belt with a gold buckle.3/4 sleeve pattern - golden stripes shawl collarComposition: 61% polyester 34% viscose 3% elastane 2% metal lining:100% viscose
  • Panama Ecru Checked Navy Dress
    799,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  46 


    MODELS :  BAR 

    Elegant navy dress with button closure. Model in broken white color with black checkered patternSleeve 7/8 On a lining Decorative belt at the backComposition:63% Viscose 32% Polyester 5% Elastane Lining100% Viscose TOTAL LENGTH 101 CM IN SIZE 40
  • Genoa Navy Blue Vision Dress
    769,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  42  44  46  48  50 


    MODELS :  BAR 

    Visitor dress Genoa in navy blue in a beautiful check printed fabric, buttoned.decorative pockets on the sides belt knee lengthComposition: 70% Polyester30% ViscoseLining:100% ViscoseTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE 38 IS 102 CM
  • Ana Blue Dress with Navy Cut
    749,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44  46  48 


    Navy cut dress in a beautiful shade of soft blue. Made of soft fabric with a wavy texture. Fastened with decorative silver buttons.sleeve past the elbow length slightly past the kneeComposition: 70% polyurethane 25% viscose 5% elastane lining: 100% viscose
  • Tara Navy Dress with Belt
    839,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  44  46  48 



    Navy cut dress with a beautiful shawl collar, which emphasizes the neck and neckline. Made of so-called "tennis" type material in a delicate gold line. The elbow-length sleeve is finished with a thin gold trim. The waist is emphasized by a belt with a gold buckle and jets.fastened with covered buttonsComposition:51% Polyester34% Viscose3% Elastane2%...
  • Tara Ecru Elegant Jacket Dress
    839,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  44  48 


    Jacket cut dress fastened with covered buttons. Decorative shawl collar beautifully highlights the neckline and neck. Waist accentuated by a belt with a gold buckle and jets.elbow-length sleeves v neckline length past the knee Composition:60% Polyester35% Viscose5% ElastaneLining: 100% ViscoseTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE 38 IS 95 CM
    769,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  42  44  48  50 


    MODELS :  BAR 

    Buttoned dress made of printed fabric.side pockets strapComposition70% polyester 30% Viscose  Lining 100% Viscose
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Navy dress, a creation for any occasion

A big hit of recent seasons is the dress with anavy cut. This is an extremely elegant and comfortable cut, if you are looking for something for special events, as well as for everyday wear. Depending on the accessories, you can wear it to work, as well as to a wedding. The cut is characterized by its similarity to a jacket especially the upper part of the creation. It can be single or double-breasted, usually with decorative buttons. There are symmetrical and asymmetrical versions. A deep envelope neckline is an undoubted advantage of this type of creation. In general, the navy dress has a straight or slightly waisted envelope cut, but not necessarily. There are also flared versions. There is a lot to choose from!

Elegant jacket cut dress for a wedding

If you are looking for an original, but classic creation for a wedding jacket dress will be the perfect choice. Elegant elongated jacket is a great idea for a base for a wedding styling. Here the classics are combined with fashion trends. For several seasons now, this cut does not come off the catwalks of recognized designers. An important advantage of this cut is its comfort - it will work well both during the formal dinner at the table and in the dance. The length and fit of these dresses to the body, are calculated so that they do not restrict movement, allowing freedom. And this is true regardless of whether you choose a straight or flared model. V neckline allows you to emphasize the assets of the figure. The fabrics we sew from are not only beautiful, but also pleasant to wear. If you want a classic yet fashionable look for your wedding, an elegant navy cut dress will be a hit. The best part is that you will be able to wear this dress many more times to other celebrations, and with the right accessories style it a little differently each time.

Knee-length navy dresses

A very popular length of this type of dresses is short - to the knees. The advantage of this length is its versatile nature, suitable for many occasions and figure types. It is not a mini, which in some cases can be uncomfortable because it is too short. Knee-length navy dresses generally have a straight cut, slightly waisted. They come in symmetrical and asymmetrical versions. Such a cut can be buttoned at the front or zippered at the back. More often the latter option is used in asymmetrical models, due to the convenience of putting on and taking off the creation. In this case, the buttons on the front of the dress are primarily a decorative element to refer to the jacket style. A knee-lengthnavy dress can be an excellent choice for a civil wedding, for example. In the right colors and styling, this cut will also be suitable for many other situations, more or less festive. Attention is recommended not only to uniform colors, but also to checkered navy dresses.

Midi jacket cut dress

In knee-length we offer a variety of models of navy dresses. In our offer you will find both straight cut creations and thosewith a flared bottom. Midi length is the most versatile, combining comfort and elegance. In combination with the navy cut of the dress, it creates a creation with a timeless, versatile character. The kaleidoscope of fabrics, from which we make each design, allows you to choose the right model for any type of beauty, for any occasion and for any season. We offer both satin and thicker fabric models . You will find in our assortment of navy midi dresses for work, as well as for a wedding. You can choose between different types of necklines. You can opt for a long-sleeved as well as a short-sleeved navy dress. In the store we present many color variants, which will allow you to match the right model to your style, temperament and beauty. Just combine it later with the right accessories and shoes to create interesting styling for different occasions.

Dress jacket plus size

If you wear a size above 44 and would like to look beautiful in the perfect navy dress, you have come to the right place. Polish fashion brand POZA produces elegant navy cut dresses in a wide range of sizes. We offer models in sizes from 36 to 54. All cuts are properly prepared so that the XXL navy dress will lie as beautifully as a size S. Take a look at our offer and choose from the assortment, rich in a variety of cuts and colors, the perfect creation with a jacket cut in the size that suits you. Remember to pay attention to the cut that will suit your body type, which is important both in size 36 and 54. The tables on the product page will help you pick out the size that will fit your figure. In case you need additional support with advice in this area, please contact our customer service department and we will certainly help.

Navy dresses - styling

Accessories can change the character of the entire outfit, directing it so that the effect suits the occasion, the season, your personality and taste. Just the right shoes and other accessories are enough to give your creation a new interesting style or mood every time. If you are wondering what to wear a navy dress with, we suggest some proven styling solutions. Choose shoes for a navy dress depending on your preferences and the occasion you are going to. For big outings, pumps on a stiletto heel or post will work best. In the summer, heeled sandals will look great. If you prefer flat shoes, both ballerinas and lords will be ideal. The recently fashionable loafers will also look great. For everyday styling, you can also wear espadrilles, sneakers, tennis shoes to a dress like a blazer. In winter, both boots and boots will work well. Jacket dresses are a very graceful base for styling, as almost any type of footwear goes with them. When choosing a handbag, remember that for elegant occasions it is better to take a clutch bag, minaudiere or an elegant letterbox. You can match the color of the hardware with the color of the buttons on the dress, if they are large, decorative and metallic. That is, for gold buttons, preferably choose a handbag with gold hardware. For silver ones, one with silver hardware will be more suitable. In a similar way, choose jewelry. Then the styling will create a harmonious whole. For a dress with a navy cut for work or everyday wear, you can choose a larger bag: for example, a shopper, a letterbox, a trunk, a briefcase, or even a backpack, depending on your needs and taste. There is nothing stopping you from mixing styles and, for example, taking an elegant handbag to your sneakers. Jacket dress combines elegance with comfort, so on a daily basis it is a particularly good base for all the expected looks and fun combining accessories. Perhaps, taking into account the cut of the dress and your figure, it is worth reaching for such an accessory as a belt. It can serve a dual function in styling: decorative and figure-shaping, as it helps to emphasize the waist. However, remember that the belt should be of the right width for the cut of the creation and your proportions, and in a color scheme that matches the dress. In colder weather, you can wear a blazer under this type of dress with a neckline and collar. Choose the type of top that suits your needs and taste. It can be a lingerie undershirt with or without lace. It can be a blouse with a stand-up collar, with ties at the neck or a shirt with a masculine cut. For elegant styling, you can put a coat or fur coat on top. For everyday wear, depending on the cut of the dress, a leather jacket or parka will look good. For jacket dresses, such styling accents as a scarf or hat will look great. Basically, you are only limited by your imagination.

Navy cut dress from Polish manufacturer

If you are looking for a jacket cut dress, check out the offer of the Polish fashion brand POZA. For 40 years we have been creating original creations for women both for the Polish and foreign markets. We are trusted by thousands of women in Poland and abroad, and many of them have become our regular customers. Join this group by ordering the navy dress of your choice at and see that it will be a very good decision. Choosing a navy cut dress designed on the basis of our experience by our Polish designers, manufactured by us in plants in our country, you can be sure that your creation will be of the highest quality, but this is not the only advantage. Delivery to you will be fast. We strive to make it take no more than 48 business hours. If you have any questions, you can easily contact our customer service department. If you order the dress jacket from POZA online in our online store, you will make payment by transfer24, traditional transfer or cash on delivery, according to your preference. You have the option to choose free delivery of your ordered creation. In the delivery options you have a choice of multiple carriers. The production process, which takes place entirely in Poland, makes it possible to support the domestic economy, but also has a positive impact on ecology. Limiting transportation distances allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. Should there be a need to return the dress you purchased, you have 14 days to do so from the moment you pick it up. Feel free to contact us with any questions, by email or phone. In the CONTACT US tab, you will find the necessary details for this. If you are not yet able to make a purchase, please add the selected dress to your wish list by clicking on the heart at the bottom of the product card. You will be able to easily return to it when you have a more convenient time. Keep in mind, however, that we usually sew our products in short batches and there is no assurance that the product and size you have chosen will still be available after a long time. Short series have the advantage of making your dress unique and it is difficult to meet another one like it at the same party or in the same office.

Frequently asked questions about women's navy dresses - knowledge in a nutshell

What is a navy dress?

A navy dress is a type of dress, characterized by a jacket-like cut. This creation usually has a jacket-like top elongated towards the bottom, with a buttoned front. It can also be zippered at the back, the buttons at the front then only serve a decorative function. The lower part of such a dress can be flared or straight. It is often made of elegant materials, which adds to its representative and chic. A navy dress is an excellent choice for official events, such as weddings, family celebrations or important business meetings. Thanks to its cut, it is an ideal option if, you want to combine elegance with comfortable wear.

How to wear a navy dress?

The navy dress is a very versatile base for many outfits and can be worn in many different ways, depending on the occasion and the style you want to achieve. By combining it with flat shoes, you can achieve the most diverse character of a casual look. Top it off with a suitable bag or back that can hold the everyday handy items you need, and the styling is complete. For more elegant occasions, the most common choice is heeled shoes. In this case, reach for a clutch bag or another small type of this accessory, in which you will have the most necessary things with you. Jacket dress can be worn both with a blouse and without a blouse under it. It depends on the depth of the neckline in the creation, the season, as well as your preferences.

What shoes for a navy cut dress?

Shoes for a navy cut dress depend on the occasion for which you intend to wear this creation and the look you want to achieve with the whole styling. Heeled shoes will give you an elegant and sensual look. Both stilettos, sandals or high-heeled boots will work. Flat shoes choose if you prefer comfort. They can be, for example: ballerinas, lords, loafers. Such a set will be fantastic for everyday wear. For colder days or evening outings, you can wear boots or boots. Whether with or without a heel, it already depends on your preferences. If you plan to wear a navy dress on warm days, opt for sandals or espadrilles. These can be heeled or flat, depending on the occasion. Tennis shoes, sneakers and sneakers are great choices for an offbeat look for everyday outings to a navy dress.

What to wear over a navy dress?

You can wear an elegant coat or fur coat over it if you are going to a more elegant event. For more casual styling, either an everyday coat, a jacket such as a parka or a leather Ramones will fit.

Where to buy a dress in a jacket cut?

We recommend checking out the range of navy dresses in the online store of the Polish fashion brand POZA A wide selection of cuts, fabrics, colors and sizes will allow you to choose the perfect proposal for you. Polish manufacturer of elegant women's clothing POZA, is a guarantee not only of quality, but also of fast delivery of the ordered creation, as well as convenient contact with the customer service department in case of questions.

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