Pea dresses, or graceful style

Pea dresses, or graceful style

Peas are one of the most timeless and versatile patterns in fashion. Pea dresses have a unique charm and are full of grace. They delight both in casual styling and for elegant occasions. They perfectly fit in with the retro style, but also look spectacular in modern looks. One of the remarkable advantages of this pattern is that it makes us look younger.

Pea dresses over the years

The world of women's fashion tempts new patterns on fabrics every season. However, there are timeless patterns that do not lose their relevance despite the passage of years. Among such prints one can distinguish peas.

Despite appearances, they were not always present in fashion. At least not the European one. In fact, their popularity began with the industrial revolution. Before that, fabrics were woven by hand and it was difficult to get even round dots or circles. When the first machine was created that could handle the pattern, peas began to appear on various pieces of clothing, from scarves to dresses. As far as pea dressesare most associated with the 1950s, but they were already popular before that. Three decades earlier, Coco Chanel introduced them into her collection. During World War II, fabric problems caused peas to briefly disappear from the fashion world, but by the late 1940s Christian Dior's New Look collection offered creations with this very pattern. Flared pea-print dress with an emphasized waist today is already a classic of elegance.

Dresses with this pattern were worn both on movie sets and privately by such stars as Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn, Sofia Loren, and Elizabeth Taylor. One of the most iconic creations in peas is Disney's Minnie Mouse dress, known to all. In the following years, peas appeared in the collections of many fashion houses. Designers experimented with the size and placement of the pattern. Peas enjoyed their triumphs in the 60s, 80s, as well as in the 90s. In the last decade of the last century, one of the most popular creations with this motif was the dress worn by Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman.

Peas in 2024

This season, peas have taken the fashion world by storm. It is one of the most popular patterns of 2024. Even at this year's Academy Awards Jennifer Lawrence appeared in an evening gown in peas proving that it is a print perfect even for the world's biggest galas and red carpets. This spring, peas seem to be everywhere! Summer is about to begin and this trend does not promise to change. Peas are charming, timeless and suitable for both everyday situations and very elegant styling. Nowadays, thanks to advanced technology in the textile industry, dots and circles can be presented on fabric in any way that comes to designers' minds, which makes the versions of this classic pattern really numerous. Currently, this pattern is fashionable both in modern interpretations and in a sentimental retro journey. Anyway, it is pea dressesAre most often sought after by vintage fashion lovers.

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Creations in peas for different occasions

Small dots or larger circles, as a pattern on the fabric, add a lot of charm to the creation, regardless of whether the dress is single-color, two-color or multi-color. Interestingly, such a motif works for practically any occasion. Peas are an excellent pattern both in everyday, professional situations, as well as during social gatherings or elegant celebrations. A knee-length pencil dress with smaller peas will work well as a casual outfit or for work. The bloused creations made of airy fabrics are a great choice for banquets, parties and even dates. Also suitable for chic events will be elegant pea dressesOf taffeta. For less formal occasions, knee-length dresses will be perfect; for more elegant occasions, midi or maxi creations will work well.

Wedding dress in polka dots, circles or larger circles

Is it possible to show up in a creation in peas at a wedding? By all means! This is a great idea especially for this season, but not only. The timeless and universal nature of this pattern makes it a great option for weddings. Pea dressMidi length, with an emphasized waist and a flared bottom will look beautiful both in the dance and in the photos of the ceremony. Such a creation is an excellent base for a variety of styling. Depending on personal preferences, as well as the type of figure, it is worth considering the size of the pattern and the way it is arranged. A properly selected dress for a wedding with this pattern will not only be fashionable and elegant, but will perfectly emphasize the qualities of the figure.

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How to choose a pea dress for your figure?

In order to choose the perfect creation in dots or circles, it is worth knowing a few rules. First of all, of course, the cut should be appropriately matched to the figure. Peas, on the other hand, look great in dresses of various cuts, whether pencil, straight, as well as in A-cut, trapezoidal or flared with an emphasized waist. Whether we choose a dress for a wedding or for everyday use, the creation should emphasize the assets of our silhouette, help even out proportions and allow us to cover up any imperfections. However, importantly, not only the cut of the creation matters here, but also the size and placement of the pattern. As a rule, dots and circles are suitable for any type of figure. They work great on both slim and tall women, as well as on shorter women or women with curves: just remember the typical pin-up girl in a pea dress from the 1950s.

For example, ladies with an hourglass figure can wear creations with smaller dots, as well as larger circles. With such a figure this pattern perfectly harmonizes. The best will be dresses that emphasize the waist. They can be pencil models, as well as flared. To a trapeze dress you can wear a belt, for example, in the color of the print. The pattern can be regularly or irregularly spaced.

Ladies with a figure resembling a pear shape also look great in pea-shaped creations. If the pattern has different sizes of print, it is worth choosing a creation in which larger circles are in the upper part, and smaller circles in the lower part. Flared dresses with an emphasized waist will be perfect. A pencil dress will also look beautiful, if the bottom is uniform and the top has peas.

Ladies with an apple silhouette will look good in dresses with a straight or trapezoidal cut, with an elevated waist, as well as in flared dresses with the waist emphasized with a belt. Very large peas especially in the abdominal area may not look favorable, but medium and smaller peas are most appropriate.

As a general rule, it is worth remembering that very large peas can optically add volume. Similarly, very dense small peas can also have this adverse effect. If we want to avoid it, both larger and smaller circles or dots should be placed on the fabric at larger intervals. Choose a denser pattern if you want the creation to add some volume.


Accessorizing with pea dresses

There are many striking and stylish ways to choose the perfect accessories for a pea-print creation. The first one that may come to mind, and which will always look elegant, is, of course, to keep the color of the accessories in the shades of the creation. For example, if you put on a white dress with black peas, you can be sure that accessories in white and black will perfectly match it. This gives a consistent, classic styling. In this way, you can complement both everyday outfits and, for example, compose accessories for a wedding dress.

On the other hand, if you want to add a little color accent to a creation kept in the classic tones for peas, that is, white and black, navy blue or beige and black, you can bet on accessories of a completely different, vibrant color. Red shoes and handbag, for example, will work perfectly. However, it is also worth experimenting with other favorite colors. It can also be a ribbon tied under the neck, if the dress has a collar. With a deep neckline, a scarf will work well.

Moderate or very subtle jewelry will go best with a patterned creation. Neck chains or pearls will be perfect. Beads kept in the color scheme of the dress will also be appropriate.

Outerwear is safest if it is single-color, without patterns. Adding more peas may already give the impression of exaggeration, unless this is exactly the avant-garde styling you want. However, if you want to wear a jacket, sweater or jacket with a different pattern, it should significantly differ in size from the pattern on the dress. If the dress has small dots, for example, we can choose a sweater with wide stripes. If the creation has large circles, it is better to bet on fine stripes. A dense print is better paired with a print that leaves more space. This will allow you to maintain balance in the styling.

For elegant parties in Poland we rarely wear hats, more often we choose them for summer outfits. And what a pity! Creations in peas look wonderful in the company of headgear with a wide brim, but they also go wonderfully with toques or fascinators.

Another styling element to consider when composing a look with a polka dot dressOr circle is a belt in the color of the print. It will add additional texture to the whole, break the monochromatic whole a bit and the effect will be even more interesting.


Peas are a universal print that looks wonderful in creations for various occasions. Looking for the perfect dress with this pattern, it is worth getting acquainted with the creation of the Polish fashion brand Poza. It delights with a variety of models with this timeless pattern.

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