• It may seem that suits come only in uninteresting colors and are associated with older ladies - but nothing could be further from the truth!
    The suit is a classic closet item that is experiencing its second youth. Currently, they can be found in the closets of many women, regardless of their age. What's more, women's suits regularly appear in the collections of top fashion houses - which should be proof enough that this is a versatile and timeless outfit that has stood the test of time.

    What is a women's suit?

    A suit is an elegant set of a jacket with a dress or skirt. Its name comes from the French word garçon which means boy - which will certainly surprise no one, as it is a garment that was undoubtedly inspired by men's fashion. However, a women's suit is not a suit or a costume - its form is undoubtedly associated with a feminine silhouette.

    Classic suits for work and beyond

    For many years, the suit was associated with strictly business attire. Maintained in neutral colors, it was worn by women every day as a kind of "business uniform". Over time, however, the use for suits changed - women began to dress them also for various special occasions, such as communions, weddings and other family events. Subdued hues were replaced by bold colors and patterns, and the suit could be matched with original accessories that further emphasize a woman's individual style. However, this does not mean that the suit has ceased to be an outfit welcome at the office - on the contrary! A suit will work for all ladies who are bound by a more formal dress code at work.

    Fashionable suits in any size - including "plus size"

    In the online store POZA we remember all customers - including those who need more non-standard sizes. We do our best to provide clothes that are not only fashionable and of great quality, but also come in a wide range of sizes. We offer both popular sizes, as well as plus size clothing, aimed at ladies of XXL size and above. Suits are a versatile item of clothing that can be successfully worn by any woman - that's why we want to make it possible also for ladies of larger sizes. In our online store you will find original, but also traditional suits in sizes 48 and 50. With us, every customer can feel confident in well-fitting clothing.

    Women's suit is back in favor

    The women's suit undoubtedly has its admirers, who for years have been wearing suits on a daily basis or on the occasion of important events. However, all ladies - both older and younger - are encouraged to purchase this item of clothing. Why? Well, a suit is a very safe outfit - it will be the perfect styling if we are about to appear in an unknown company, where we are not sure if we can afford a bit of extravagance. A color-neutral suit, well matched to our type of beauty will be a hit here. We certainly won't offend anyone with a skirt that is too short or a neckline that is too deep, and we can still expose our assets - for example, with the use of a waist belt. The elegant and feminine combination of a medium-length dress or skirt with a jacket is safe, as it does not reveal too much, but still emphasizes the feminine figure. On the other hand, for ladies who want to hide extra centimeters in the waist, models of suits with a loose jacket will work perfectly.

    Suit with a basque - an element of modernity in a traditional outfit

    A hit of recent years is a suit with a basque. An elegant frill placed at the waist perfectly emphasizes this narrowest part of the body and gives the whole styling character and a touch of modernity. A woman of any age will feel comfortable in such an outfit! However, the basque is an element that is used not only as a decoration of suits - you can also choose blouses, shirts or dresses with a basque, which optically slim the waist and will be a great choice not only for work or events, but also for everyday wear.

    Summer suits for older ladies

    Summer is the perfect time to buy a suit. It is during the summer months that most important family events - such as communions and weddings - take place. While younger women often experiment with fashion and there is a belief that during such occasions they can afford a bit of fashion craziness... ladies in their 40s and 50s usually rely on proven, classic outfits. In such situations, a suit for summer is a safe and always the right choice.
    However, this does not mean that the suit has to be boring! You can choose an original pattern or an eye-catching color, and even in this safe and built-in outfit like a suit you can look original and interesting. We would also add that in summer it is worth reaching for suits made of lightweight, breathable materials such as linen or cotton - necessarily of good quality. Choose a model with a good composition, and it will certainly serve you for many seasons.

    Exclusive women's suits - evening and for weddings

    Weddings are undoubtedly one of the best occasions for a suit. In our experience, they are especially appreciated by ladies over 50, who do not feel comfortable in costumed or bold creations. A suit is the perfect solution for them, as it is undoubtedly a festive and elegant garment, but at the same time modest and minimalist. What's more, a women's suit can be matched with original accessories at a wedding. After all - even at weddings and other evening occasions, moderation is very important. No lady wants to distract attention from the main character of the evening - that is, the bride or hostess, and by deciding on ornate accessories and a shiny creation, you can very easily overdo it. On the other hand, the simplicity and minimalism that is guaranteed by a women's suit will provide excellent scope for richly decorated jewelry, which another outfit could easily overwhelm.

    Women's suits and costumes - online store and manufacturer POZA recommends!

    As a manufacturer of suits, we keep up to date with current trends and respond to the needs of our female customers. Our range of women's suits is refined designs made of carefully selected, great quality fabrics. Our goal is to provide customers with fashionable clothing of premium quality, but at low prices. At the same time, we strive to provide the widest possible size range for our products - although be warned that women's suits from our store are very popular and available sizes disappear very quickly.
    In the assortment of our online store there will be fashionable suits for each lady. From classic and solid color models, through suits with colorful patterns, to bold variants of this outfit with decorative elements.
    We warmly encourage you to check out the assortment of women's suits in our online store - we are confident that among our models every customer will find something for herself, regardless of age or occasion.

  • The elegant coat as complementing to the beautiful dress. Do you want to underline your person? To set into the admiration for the wedding or for birthday party? Our favourite coats by mums of a bride constitute the inherent elegant element on these important celebrations. In sizes from 38 to 48. Made from high quality fabrics and additions. We are inviting for the shopping!

  • Elegant outerwear? The jacket perfectly will work to celebrations or formal meeting.

  • In a woman's closet there are plenty of stylish creations that emphasize the unique character and class of ladies. Some cuts have enjoyed unflagging popularity for years, others return to favor depending on the season and the prevailing fashion. Is it possible to fit in with the current trends and at the same time stay true to your taste? Of course it is! Many women express their individuality through their everyday creations, as well as those prepared for a special occasion, and this is a perfect example. Some ladies prefer elegance, and sometimes it is their profession that forces them to wear official outfits. Many others, on the other hand, rely on casualness, comfort and convenience when performing business and personal duties. Both classic and everyday outfits can be characterized by unique style. Among customers of clothing stores, women's suits are very popular. This is not surprising, as they are extremely versatile. They are perfect for wearing in various situations regardless of the season, and the variety of designs, colors and cuts allows you to easily match a model adequate to your tastes.

    Women's overalls - elegant elements of closet

    Among women there are plenty of lovers of elegant style. Not only does it allow you to feel special, but it is often simply required for various celebrations. Many ladies on a daily basis must adapt to the dress code imposed by employers. A number of professions require those in a particular profession to wear official items of clothing. This not only emphasizes the rank of the position held. Often with the elegant appearance of the employee is also equated with the quality of his services. This is because subconsciously others get the impression that if someone takes such care of his own appearance, he probably also takes proper care of fulfilling his professional duties, so cooperation will be satisfactory. For this reason, numerous positions require employed people to dress formally in classic, brand-related colors. In this case, women's smart suits are ideal. Choosing them is a great way to meet dress code standards while still maintaining originality.

    Women's elegant overalls - a wide selection of models

    For those ladies who are not fond of classic combinations, such as a skirt or pants and a jacket, this is undoubtedly an interesting and worth considering alternative. You can opt for both more modest models and decorated ones, depending on your personal preferences. Within the variety of cuts, a rich color scheme is available, which will allow you to find the right colors and shades for yourself and your professional situation or occasion. With this type of creation can be combined both stilettos and other types of footwear, including slightly less elegant. Not only for work, elegant women's suits are often chosen. Women wear them just as readily for meetings with friends and family events.

    Women's suits for a wedding - an interesting alternative to dresses

    Wedding with family or friends? No idea for a creation for the wedding party? This is a very common problem that arises before this type of event. During such a celebration, every woman wants to look unique and elegant, and at the same time feel free to party until the morning without embarrassment or discomfort. Many women wonder how to avoid the awkward situation of meeting another person in an identical dress at the party. This is an uncomfortable moment, because everyone wants to look stunning and unique. So where lies the golden mean between original and unconventional styling and ensuring proper comfort? How to dress for this type of celebration? The answer is women's jumpsuits for a wedding.

    Women's jumpsuits for a wedding - the basis for a unique creation

    This is undeniably an interesting and original proposal, which will emphasize a woman's individual style, her uniqueness and desire to express herself through the clothes she chooses. For this kind of party you can wear without fear a richly decorated cut with sequins, glitter or brocade elements. Ladies, on the other hand, who opt for minimalist and modest women's suits for the wedding, can spice up the whole thing with accessories, such as your favorite jewelry and handbag. As for the color scheme, it remains completely free, depending on the taste of the lady invited to the party. In light of this, women's suits seem to have only advantages.

    Women's overalls for summer - a combination of comfort and aesthetics

    The search for and discovery of fashion inspiration is undeniably served by the spring and summer months, when thick outer garments, hats and scarves are gradually put away, and colors associated with warmth begin to reign in closets. This is also the time of vacations, vacation trips and undertaking all kinds of recreational outdoor activities. Who doesn't like to take a walk in the park or meet up with friends in the city on sunny days? During all these occasions, freedom and comfort will be provided by women's suits for summer. For hot weather, it is worth choosing airy, breathable materials, as well as loose cuts. This will prevent sweating and, consequently, the feeling of discomfort. To enjoy the charms of summer to the fullest, it is also useful to have the freedom that such clothes provide.

    Women's overalls for summer - clothing that supports summer activities

    Thanks to overalls, there is no need to worry that when performing various movements, for example, when riding a bike, a strong wind will blow up your dress or your blouse will get too big. What's more, women's suits usually take up very little space, so you can easily pack them into a suitcase and take them with you on vacation. For ladies who appreciate classics, standard colors are recommended, while women who want to introduce a touch of extravagance into their closet can choose from a variety of colors of selected cuts.

    Purchase of overalls, which are the perfect combination of aesthetics and comfort, can be made in our online store or by visiting partner stores in Poland. You are welcome!

  • Elegant women's sets by Poza

    Nowadays, not only dresses are the ideal choice for special occasions. As early as the beginning of the last century, this classic women's outfit was divided into parts to create a suit. Over time, as pants became more popular among ladies, the women's suit was also created. Suits often provide more comfort and convenience while remaining elegant and chic. They are a very good choice for both everyday situations and special occasions. If you are a woman who wants to stand out with a unique style, take a look at the range of elegant sets for women by Poza.

    A suit, or an elegant women's set with a skirt

    SuitHas permanently established itself in women's closets. It is a very versatile choice both for work and for larger celebrations. Suits are worn in business, in politics, in offices, but also for communion parties. They are also a great option for weddings. In our offer you will find classic suits, with knee-length skirts, but also midi. You can choose a pencil cut or flared bottom. We present suits made of one fabric or combining different types of materials. It is worth noting the cuts with an airy skirt. Jackets in chic women's sets with skirt can be fitted or boxy, Chanel style. You can wear a blouse, shirt or other top under them, but it is not necessary. Choose a cut and color that perfectly emphasizes your figure, beauty and temperament. As for accessories, heeled shoes or elegant ballerinas will work best with suits. You will then gain confidence that your styling is very feminine and stylish.

    Women's suit, or an elegant set with pants

    The suit for ladies is elegant women's set with pants. For years, it has enjoyed enduring popularity, especially in business situations or during family celebrations. It is a unique combination of impeccable elegance and great comfort. Both shoes with heels, such as stilettos or pumps on a post, as well as elegant sandals, lords, moccasins or loafers will work for it. Nothing prevents you from wearing elegant ballerinas with your suit as well. Suit jackets generally have a deeper neckline, so it is worthwhile to choose an appropriate top. Depending on the season, they can be shirts, long-sleeved blouses, short-sleeved blouses or strapless shirts. In our offer you will find women's suits that combine classic elegance with the latest fashion trends. You can be sure that this will be one of the favorite outfits in your closet.

    Chic women's set with dress

    Choosingchic dress you often wonder what to put on your shoulders when the weather gets colder. The answer to these dilemmas are women's sets consisting of a dress and a jacket. In sets with flared dresses, we usually propose short jackets - boleros. For short pencil dresses we propose longer jacket-type jackets. Choosing such a set you can be sure that the jacket will not disturb the proportions of the styling, will not "interfere" with the cut and color of the dress.

    Unique women's set with blouse

    If you are looking for a unique solution for a special occasion, get acquainted with our offer of women's two-piece sets composed of a skirt and an elegant top, which replaces the jacket. This is a very comfortable and at the same time extremely impressive alternative to classic suits. In such a costume you will cause a wow effect! Opt for fashionable colors or prints and unusual cuts. Stand out from the crowd wearing a unique women's costume, which is an intermediate outfit between a dress and a suit. It is a very feminine alternative to the classic skirt and jacket sets.

    News for the 2023 season

    In our designs we focus on the fusion of classics with the latest trends. This applies to both cuts and colors of our products. Looking for an elegant outfit, which at the same time would be very timely, choose a set from among our proposals. We offer both two-piece women's costumes with midi skirt and knee-length. We offer fitted versions, as well as very fashionable this season - flared and flowy. Pay special attention to suits with transparent sleeves. This trend is a hit in recent months. Bet on the most fashionable colors of the season: blue, pink, white, black or gold! Choosing an elegant women's costume by Poza, you can be sure that you will be fashionable and chic!

    Women's suit and suit for work

    Both suits and women's suits are the perfect solution for work attire. Among the huge number of proposals, you can choose a set of women's suits that will be perfect for an office or business situation. A set of skirt with jacket or pants with jacket is a guarantee of impeccable appearance, which is so important in relations with clients or colleagues. An undeniable advantage elegant women's sets is the ability to create a variety of styles on their basis. It is enough to have the right accessories and accessories skillfully combined into a whole. When creating diverse styling for work, it is worth complementing an elegant women's costume with appropriate shirts or blouses. On warmer days you can bet on a strapless or sleeveless top. Sometimes a fantastic detail to enhance the look will be a suitable scarf. Remember that for work it is usually better to choose subdued colors. The best will be beiges, navy blues, blacks, grays or soft pastels. When it comes to prints, classic patterns such as check, stripes, stripes or peas will work best in suits or suits for work. In our offer you will find a wide selection of cuts of elegant women's ensembles ideal for the office or business situations. The right costume will make you look professional enhancing the confidence of clients, which is extremely important!

    Elegant women's costume for special occasions

    Evening gowns or cocktail dresses are still very popular options for big outings. However, there are other options. For years, including on the red carpets of the big events of the show business world, as well as at family celebrations such as communions and weddings, ladies have been very keen to present themselves in elegant women's ensembles. In this case, you can afford to be more imaginative than in the case of costumes for work. A wide selection of women's sets with pants or with a skirt allows you to choose the perfect costume for yourself. A rich palette of colors will allow you to choose a suit or suit that perfectly emphasizes the advantages of your beauty. Match the cut to your figure and style. With the right women's set you will emphasize your assets and personality. You can bet on a pencil skirt, trapeze skirt or flared skirt. Fitted or flowy. The jacket can be buttoned up to the neck or have a deeper neckline. Both single and double-breasted jackets will work. It is also worth looking at the proposals for sets with extremely elegant blouses instead of blazers. Such a top is something intermediate between a classic blouse and a jacket and is generally fastened at the back. Women's suit pants also come in a variety of cuts. You can choose the right one for your figure, but also the style you prefer. An elegant suit for a communion or wedding does not have to be a classic skirt with a jacket. You can also bet on sets of a dress with a bolero or a longer coat-type jacket. Also such elegant sets for women we have in our offer. They will be perfect for a communion party or wedding. We also recommend suits for such celebrations. Opt for an elegant women's set with pants for a wedding, and you will stand out from the crowd and look unconventional and extremely elegant!

    An alternative to an elegant women's costume

    Do you like a slightly masculine style, blazers, but are not keen on pants or two-piece sets? We have an alternative for you. Check out our suggestions for navy dresses. This is a great one-piece option, which style is similar to jackets. It combines the elegance of a costume with the form of a dress. A wide selection of cuts and colors of navy cut dresses will allow you to choose the perfect creation for yourself. This is a way to have an unconventional, elegant styling for work or for larger celebrations. Of course, we also recommend office or formal dresses, among others, if you want to explore other options to make the best choice for the occasion you are interested in.

    Women's plus size costumes

    We produce all our models in basic sizes, but also in plus size. If you are looking for a beautiful xXL suits, take a look at our offer. Surely you will find the perfect cut, which will emphasize the advantages of your figure, and hide any imperfections. We refine each size with the utmost care, so that it lies beautifully on the figure exposing its assets. Emphasize your beauty by choosing the perfect cut for your figure and color for your type of beauty, and you can be sure that you will look phenomenal whether you wear size 38 or 50.

    Two-piece set from Poza brand for women who love unique style and premium quality

    If you need the perfect base for your styling whether for work or big outings, get acquainted with our collection of chic sets with pants, skirts or dresses. Choosing products from our offer you will be delighted with their quality and careful workmanship. Impeccable cut will make you feel special! Beautiful fabrics in the most fashionable colors will highlight your beauty. Fashions combining classics and fashion novelties will make you look chic and up-to-date. A wide selection of sizes will allow you to fit the perfect outfit for your figure. You can be sure that you will look phenomenal in the Poza brand set! Order your chosen outfit today. We ensure fast delivery and efficient contact with Customer Service. You are welcome!

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  • Alizee Cornflower Women's...
    989,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  38  40  42  44  46  48  50  52 



    Women's costume with skirt sewn from elegant chanel fabric. Fitted jacket fastened with silver decorative buttons emphasizes the qualities of a woman's figure. The whole costume is complemented by a pencil skirt in a beautiful cornflower color. composition: jacket 54% viscose 46% polyester skirt 65% viscose 33% polyester 2% elastane lining 100% viscose
  • Blanche Red Elegant Jumpsuit...
    919,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44  46 

    COLOUR :  RED 

    Blanchewomen's jumpsuit in red, sewn from fabric. It has a beautifully shaped teardrop neckline, thanks to a hidden trouser.waist accentuation belt covered zipper on the back pockets decorative sleeves with slitComposition:70% Polyester30% ViscoseLining:100% ViscoseTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE39 IS 156 CM
  • Sophie KK Women's Set with Skirt
    1 139,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  42  48  52 


    Women's set with skirt Sophie KK consisting of a fitted top with back zipper and matching skirt. An ideal proposition for ladies who appreciate classics in a modern edition.long sleeve, finished with decorative fur detachable fur soft knitwear with a layer of laceComposition: 80% Wool20% Polyester Lining:100% Viscose
  • Prima Pg Checked Suit
    899,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  44  46  48  50 


    Elegant Prima suit, consisting of a jacket and skirt made of material with wool (non-biting)decorative buttons decorative patchesComposition:40% Polyester30% Wool30% PolyesterLining:100% Viscose
  • Blanche Cornflower Elegant...
    919,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44  46 


    Blanche women's jumpsuit in cornflower color, sewn from fabric. It has a beautiful layered teardrop-shaped neckline, thanks to a hidden trouser.emphasizing the waist decorative sleeves with a slit pockets covered zipper on the back beltComposition:70% Polyester30% ViscoseLining:100% ViscoseTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE38 IS 156 CM
  • Constance Green Elegant Suit
    1 099,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  42  44  46  52  54 


    Elegant Constance suit in green sewn from bucle fabric.decorative buttons decorative patchesComposition:54% Viscose46% PolyesterLining:100% Viscose
  • Anais Pink Elegant Suit
    1 099,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  46  48  54 


    Elegant Anais suit in pink, the top and bottom sewn from bucle fabric. Such a set will work best for occasions that require us to wear an elegant outfit.decorative buttons decorative patches and pockets v-neckComposition:54% Viscose46% PolyesterLining:100% Viscose
  • Ginette Women's Set with Pants
    1 199,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44  46  48 

    MODELS :  BAR 

    Ginette set with pants stiff navy blue fabric, the top sewn from a checkered type of chanel with the addition of wool (non-biting)decorative buttons(black and gold other than in the picture) pockets in pants and jacket pants buttoned and zipperedComposition:Top: 65% Polyester20% Wool15% PolyesterLining:100% Viscose Bottom:60% Polyester35% Viscose5%...
  • Ivonne Elegant Set with Pants
    929,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  46 


    Elegant Ivonne set in gold and beige color, which includes a sequin top and classic pants made of high-quality material with viscose.sequin top with decorative binding zippered pantsTop composition:100% PolyesterBottom composition:70% Polyester30% ViscoseTrouser length 109 cm in size 42
  • Ivonne Elegant Navy Blue Set...
    929,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  46  48  52 


    Elegant set Ivonne in navy blue , which includes a sequin top and classic pants made of high-quality material with viscose.sequin top with decorative binding zipper pantsComposition top:100% PolyesterComposition bottom:70% Polyester30% ViscoseTrouser length 109 cm in size 42
  • Prima Del Mar Women's Costume...
    919,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  46  50 


    Women's costume with skirt by Prima sewn from bucle fabric in ecru color. The jacket has patches decorated with piping, and fastens with silver elegant buttons. Pencil skirt.lining decorative buttons and patchesComposition: 54% Viscose 46% Polyester Lining: 100% Viscose
  • Belleza Marine Women's Jumpsuit
    729,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  46 


    Women's jumpsuit sewn from airy chiffon in sea green color. Loose cut with decorative binding at the waist.wide leg decorative neckline buttoned at the backComposition: 55% Viscose 45% Polyester Lining: 100% Viscose
  • Francesca Navy Blue Elegant...
    839,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44  46  48 



    Elegant Francesca floral dress sewn from beautiful silvery gray taffeta, with a navy blue floral pattern. The dress has a blushed cut, perfectly emphasizing the feminine curves.short sleeve decorative sash flared bottom floral patternComposition: 60% Polyester 20% Viscose 20% Lurex Lining: 100% Viscose TOTAL LENGTH OF THE DRESS 115 CM IN SIZE 38
  • Nera Roz Women's Set with Pants
    1 099,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  42  44  48 


    Women's set with pants Nera pink sewn from soft and comfortable material. Elegant set perfect for many occasions, with decorative feathers.buttoned top decorative, detachable feathers at the sleeves decorative patches zippered pants pockets in pantsComposition:65% Viscose33% Polyester2% Elastane Lining: 100% Viscose
  • Nera Ecru Women's Pairing Suit
    1 099,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38 


    Women's suit with feathers Nera in ecru color. Stylish set with jacket and pants made of high-quality fabric.buttoned top decorative, detachable feathers at the sleeves decorative patches zippered pants pockets in pantsComposition:65% Viscose33% Polyester2% Elastane Lining: 100% Viscose TROUSER LENGTH 102 CM
  • Prima Ecru Bucle Gold Grille II
    1 Review
    919,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  46  48  52  54 


    MODELS :  BAR 

    Elegant formal set by Prima , consisting of a jacket and skirt made of boucle fabric with beautiful gold thread.decorative buttons decorative pocketsComposition: 95% Viscose 5% Lurex Lining: 100% Viscose
  • Francesca Pearl Women's Jacket
    439,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44  46 


    Beautiful short jacket for women Francesca in ecru color entering pearl shade.fastened with a jewel embroidery hook 3/4 sleevesComposition:63% Polyester 36% Cotton 1% ElastaneLining:100% Viscose
  • Nessa Pink Elegant Suit
    899,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  40  42  44  46  48  50 


    MODELS :  BAR 

    Elegant formal set by Nessa in pink , consisting of a jacket and skirt made of boucle fabric. decorative buttonsdecorative pockets Composition: 65% Polyester 30% Cotton 5% Polyacrylic Lining: 100%Viscose
  • Prima Kk Women's Suit with Skirt
    1 059,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  42  44  46  48  50 


    Women's suit with skirt sewn from a pleasant knit with a layer of lace. Such a set will work best for family celebrations or special occasions that require us to dress elegantly.decorative buttons and pockets long sleevesComposition: 80% Wool 18% Polyester2% Polyurethane Lining: 100% Viscose
  • Prima Pink Gold Checked Suit
    869,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  48 


    MODELS :  BAR 

    Elegant formal set , consisting of a jacket and skirt made of ala chanel fabric.decorative buttons decorative pocketsComposition: 96% Viscose 4% Elastane Lining: 100% Viscose
    659,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  46  48 


    Coverall made of high-quality fabric. Both everyday and visiting.decorative ribbons no liningComposition:50% polyester25% Viscose25% Spandex
  • Woman's suit ROMA NAVY BLUE...
    649,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  48 



    Elegant set formal, consisting of the beautiful blouse and the skirt. Made from jacquard with golden dots.3 / 4 sleeve  lock at the back coveredComposition:  45% Viscose 52% Cotton 3% SpandexLining fabric: 100% Viscose
  • Woman's suit PRIMA PS
    899,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  42  46 

    MODELS :  BAR 

    Elegant formal set, consisting of a jacket and a skirt made of fabric with the addition of wool (non-scratchy)decorative buttons decorative pocketsComposition:40% Viscose30% polyester30% WoolLining:100% Viscose
  • Sophie Zakard set Stones
    699,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  42  44  46  48  50 



    Stylish set , which includes a top and skirt made of jacquard. Such a set is best for special occasions that require us to wear an elegant outfittop fastened at the back with a covered zipper long sleeve, finished with decorative fur, the fur is detachable the material has a delicate sheenComposition:35% Polyester60% Viscose5% ElastaneLining:100% Viscose
  • Woman's suit PRIMA BLACK
    2 Reviews
    869,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  38  40  44  48  50  52  54 


    MODELS :  BAR 

    Elegant set formal, consisting of the jacket and the skirt.decorative buttons decorative pocketsComposition: 96% Viscose  Elastan 4% Lining fabric: 100% Viscose
    679,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40 


    Coverall made of high-quality fabric. Both everyday and visiting.decorative ribbons no liningComposition:50% polyester25% Viscose25% Spandex
  • Prima Ecru Business Suit
    4 Reviews
    869,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  38  40  42  44  46  48  50  52  54 


    MODELS :  BAR 

    Elegant formal set by Prima , consisting of a jacket and skirt made of ala chanel fabric.decorative buttons decorative pocketsComposition: 96% Viscose 4% Elastane Lining: 100% Viscose
    659,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  42  44  46  48 



    Stylish set in colour ecru, which the mountain and the skirt are accessing composition from the fabric into.mountain done up to buttons long sleeve from the net from black flokComposition: 60% Viscose 35% Polyester Elastan 5%Lining fabric: 100% Viscose
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Company POZA is also presenting jackets, light coats and sets in its collections for 2016, woman's suits.
These clothes have an impeccable fashionable cut. She is made of fine materials in colours in accordance with the newest fashion trends. Collection spring/ the summer, as well as the autumn/ winter are being prepared from highest stanannością. All retails are counting, such additions as: perfectly selected buttons, applications, laces, trims, bugles, or sequins. Classical cuts are marked by a limited quantity of ornaments, however are also very striking, thanks to well fitted cuts.

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