Sequin Dresses 

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  • Tilda Blue Long Dress with Sequins
    949,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  46  48 


    Evening long dress in a beautiful blue color. Sequin top with decorative binding and simple viscose bottom create an original combination of elegance and modernityzipper on the back slit on the leg short sleeveTop: 100% polyester Bottom: 70% polyester 30% viscose Lining: 100% viscose
  • Tilda Gold Evening Dress
    949,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  48  50  52 


    Long dress with sequin embellished top in gold color. Fitted bottom with slit sewn from comfortable fabric.decorative binding short sleeve zippered at the backTop: 100% polyester Bottom: 70% polyester 30% viscose Lining: 100% viscose
  • Paris Pink Straight-Cut Dress
    729,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  46  48 


    Knee-length dress with a straight cut that transitions gently into an A-line. Decorated on the front with a sparkling zirconia decoration.elbow-length sleeves fastened on the back with a covered zippercomposition: 60% polyester 35% viscose 5% elastane pillowcase: 100% viscose
  • Maya Sequin Dress in Gold Color
    839,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44  46  50 


    Sequin dress in a beautiful gold color that shimmers beautifully in the light. The sequin tassels, which sway and sparkle as you move, add a unique touch to the dress.v neckline short sleeve lining tucked in over the headComposition: 100% Polyester Lining: 60% Polyester 35% Viscose 5% Elastane TOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE 40 : 100 CM- 102 CM
  • Camille II Turkus Sale
    Limited special offer
    Camille II Turquoise Prom Dress...
    299,50 zł 599,00 zł -50% In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44 


    A formal dress with a round neckline in turquoise with a sequin belt that adds elegance and grace. The A-line cut adds subtlety as it masks any figure imperfections. The knee-length makes it an ideal choice for various occasions.knee-length covered zipper on the back sequin beltComposition:70% Polyester30% ViscoseLining:100% Viscose
  • Camille II Amarant Sale
    Limited special offer
    Camille II Amaranth Knee-length...
    299,50 zł 599,00 zł -50% In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44 


    Knee-length sequin dress in amaranth color. It has a beautiful sequin belt, which adds elegance. Made with an A-line cut, it allows you to move freely. It will be perfect for any celebrations.length to the knees sequin beltComposition:70% Polyester30% ViscoseLining:100% ViscoseTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE 38 IS 98 CM
  • Maya Amaranth Sequin Dress Sale
    Limited special offer
    Maya Amaranth Sequin Dress
    538,30 zł 769,00 zł -30% In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  46  48 


    Sequin dress in amaranth color, the charm is added by beautiful sequin tassels that shimmer in motion. Knee length, has a lining making the dress comfortable to wear.v neckline no zipperComposition:100% PolyesterLining:60% Polyester35% Viscose5% ElastaneTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE 40: 100 CM -102 CM
  • Maya Green Sequin Dress Sale
    Limited special offer
    Maya Green Sequin Dress
    538,30 zł 769,00 zł -30% In Stock

    SIZE :  40  46 


    Sequin dress in bottle green color, which has a unique character given by soft sequin tassels. The dress is knee-length and has a lining for comfortable wear.v neckline no zipperComposition:100% PolyesterLining:60% Polyester35% Viscose5% ElastaneTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE 40: 100 CM -102 CM
  • Maya Pink Sequin Dress
    839,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  50 


    Sequin dress in pink, with a straight cut and a length of over the knee. The unique character is given by sequin tassels that shimmer beautifully in motion. Additional comfort of wearing is provided by the lining.v neckline no zipperComposition:100% PolyesterLining:60% Polyester35% Viscose5% Elastane LENGTH IN SIZE40 : 100 CM - 102 CM
  • Camille Amarant Długa Sukienka Wieczorowa Sale
    Limited special offer
    Camille Amaranth Long Evening Dress
    379,50 zł 759,00 zł -50% In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40 


    Long evening dress in amaranth color, the unique element of which is a decorative sequin belt. This belt further slims the figure and adds elegance to the styling. A-line cut model subtly masks any imperfections of the figure.sleeve to the elbow length maxiComposition:70% Polyester30% ViscoseLining:100% Viscose
  • Sabine Amaranth Sequin Maxi Dress Sale
    Limited special offer
    Sabine Amaranth Sequin Maxi Dress
    679,20 zł 849,00 zł -20% In Stock

    SIZE :  42  44  48 


    Sequin Sabine dress in amaranth color, long classic cut with decorative crease on the side. The dress is embroidered with beautiful sequins.envelope neckline covered zipper on the back 3/4 sleevesComposition: 100% PolyesterLining:100% PolyesterTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE44 IS 138 CM
  • Sabine Turquoise Sequin Maxi Dress Sale
    Limited special offer
    Sabine Turquoise Sequin Maxi Dress
    679,20 zł 849,00 zł -20% In Stock

    SIZE :  36  38  40  46  48 


    Sequin Sabine dress in turquoise color, with a long classic cut with a decorative crease on the side. The dress is embroidered with beautiful sequins.envelope neckline covered zipper on the back 3/4 sleevesComposition:100% PolyesterLining:100% PolyesterTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE44 IS 138 CM
  • Milo Fuchsia Elegant Airy Dress
    799,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  46  48 


    Elegant airy Milodress in the most fashionable color of fuchsia. Made of chiffon, which sits beautifully on the silhouette. Emphasized at the waist with a decorative sequined sash.maxi length decorative sleeveComposition: 100% Viscose Lining: 100% Viscose
  • Maya Pearl Sequin Dress with...
    839,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  38  40 


    Mayasequin fringeddress in pearl color. The dress has a classic straight cut in a knee length.v neckline worn over the head - no zipper short sleeveComposition: 100% Polyester Lining: 60% Polyester 35% Viscose 5% Elastane TOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE 40 : 100 CM- 102 CM
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

How about a bit of flash? In the offer of the brand's online store beyond you will find amazing sequin dresses for special occasions. If you are looking for a creation that is a combination of classics and the latest trends, you have come to the perfect place. Sequins reign supreme on this year's catwalks! Are you looking for a creation for a wedding or a date? A sequin dress is the perfect choice! Do not hesitate any longer and bet on this classic combination of fashion elegance! The undoubted advantage of sequin dresses is that they are easy to style. Having such a base, you no longer need a lot of accessories to evoke a effect wow! Check out the collection of the brand Poza and choose a unique shiny creation for yourself!

Sequin dresses - timeless chic

Sequins are one of the most traditional ways of decorating elegant clothing. The name comes from the Italian zecchino, which is a fine 13th century Venetian coin. The small round reflective discs were historically made of precious metals and emphasized the high status of the wearer of such decorated garments. Such garments, unfortunately, were very heavy, so in modern times other ways of creating these striking ornaments have been developed. Sequin dresses experienced their renaissance in the 1920s, when it was discovered in the uncovered tomb of Tutankhamun that this is how clothing was decorated at the time. This inspired the fashionistas of the time, and sequins have not gone out of fashion since. However, this does not mean the absence of minor changes. Today's sequins are produced from lightweight materials and are still extremely spectacular, but creations made from them are much lighter and comfortable, which makes them ideal for any elegant event. Sequin dresses are timeless and universally chic! That's why the Polish fashion brand Poza has prepared for you phenomenal proposals of sequin dresses. Do you dream of such a creation? Check out the offer in our online store and choose the perfect one for you!

Sequin dresses for special occasions

If you love to shine at parties and are looking for an outfit that will catch everyone's eye, a sequin dress is the best one for you. Whether you are going to an elegant event held outdoors or in a luxurious hall, such an outfit will impress. The reflected sunlight or lamplight will make the creation shimmer and sparkle. Sequin dresses are an excellent choice if you want to draw attention to yourself and emphasize your beauty, personality and feel special. This is the perfect dress for the holidays, New Year's Eve or a wedding. It will also work well on an elegant date! And other occasions? This is also the perfect dress for prom. You can also appear in it at a formal corporate event or a party with friends. It can serve as an evening dress or a cocktail dress. In the case of the former, sequin maxi dresses will be perfect. In any situation, knee-length sequin dresses will be appropriate. This is a truly versatile and timeless type of creation. You can successfully say that it is the queen of formal dresses. In a sequin dress you can feel like a real star! Choosing a creation suitable for your figure and beauty, get acquainted with the wonderful sequin dresses of the brand Poza. They will delight you with a flirtation of fashionable trends with classic elegance. The quality of the proposed creations of the Poza brand is exceptional. The perfect cut will make the dress fit beautifully on the figure. The high standard of workmanship in every detail will make you feel luxurious in a sequin dress by Poza! At first glance you will be able to recognize the premium quality.

Sequin dresses are a hot trend this season!

Sequin dresses have been a hit in recent months. Glittering creations are very fashionable and often appear on the catwalks of fashion designers. If at the upcoming event you want to look not only very elegant and impressive, but also in line with the latest trends, bet on a sequin dress! To meet these trends, the Polish fashion brand Poza has prepared creations perfectly in line with the latest trends in fashion. The combination of classic cuts with sequin ornament is the essence of elegance and impeccable style. You can choose a creation all in sequins or a gown with a delicate sequin detail. This type of fabric decoration is very stylish and striking, so either option will be both stylish and very fashionable! Combined with subtle accessories to complement your styling, you will inflict chic at the upcoming event. You can be sure that you will catch the eye and arouse admiration!

The most fashionable colors of sequin dresses

The colors of sequin dresses are also worth noting. How about the very fashionable in autumn 2024black? It is an extremely versatile and timeless color that will work in most elegant situations. Sequin little black will guarantee you an elegant and sexy look. If you love fashion, black sequin dress is a must have for you this season! If you love exceptional shine, bet on the immortal and extremely elegant gold color. This color also leads the fashion trend this season. In combination with sequins, it creates amazing creations that shine, emphasizing the beauty of the owner. You can be sure that in gold sequin dress you will look stunning and certainly stand out from the crowd. Next to such a creation no one will pass indifferently. Equally impressive will look pearl sequin dress. This subtle color will enhance your beauty and subtract years. It is also worth paying attention to pink creations. This extremely graceful hue, combined with sequins, will brighten your face and make you look not only elegant and radiant. If you prefer darker colors bet on brown or navy blue sequin dress.

Sequin dress for wedding

Wedding receptions are some of the most elegant events we go to. It is then worth betting on a unique creation that will emphasize the momentous nature of the reception. When looking for a wedding dress for the mother of the bride or groom, you should especially consider sequin dresses. The mother-in-law-to-be plays a special role on that day, and this is when the elegant and luxurious shine of the creation will work perfectly! In a sequin dress you will stand out from the crowd of guests and look beautiful both in the dance and in the photos. You can be sure that gold or pink sequin wedding dress will be a hit. Sequin dresses for weddings are a great choice. Importantly, such a creation can even be knee-length. It does not have to be a sequin maxi dress to look elegant and luxurious enough.

Choosing the right sequin dress for your figure

Are you dreaming of a perfect and unique glittering evening dress? When browsing sequin dresses, remember to choose the cut of the dress according to your figure. The most versatile will be straight cuts. This means that, in most cases, shiny ones will work best pencil dresses or with a loose-fitting cut. Choose one that will better emphasize the assets of your figure and mask any imperfections. We recommend sequin knee-length dresses, which are very striking and at the same time comfortable. In our offer you will find both creations with longer and shorter sleeves. Depending on your preferences, you can bet on a dress with a V neckline or a boat neckline. When choosing the color of the creation, remember that black sequin dress it will slenderize the silhouette more. On the other hand, bright colors usually subtract years! Note that sequin creations can be embroidered with striking shiny discs, and can be decorated with tassels with sequins.

Sequins not only on dresses

If you are not yet decided on a sequin dress, but dream of a sequined outfit, you can opt for a set of women's pants with a blouse. This is an extremely elegant outfit for any occasion. Smooth pants and an elegant sequin-embroidered top will make you look special and feel confident. This is a great choice for all kinds of banquets, parties, weddings and other celebrations, the rank of which you want to emphasize with your styling.

Sequin details

Subtle pieces decorated with sequins are also a way to make an elegant creation. If you prefer such delicate embellishments, choose a creation with shiny details. 2024 is a time when glitter is very much in vogue and will work at many elegant events also in a very minimalist and subtle form. Look out for creations delicately decorated with a belt of shiny circles.

Sequin dress styles

Sequin dresses are the perfect base for unique styling. Their undoubted advantage is that they do not need too many accessories to create a striking look. All you need is fine jewelry, shoes and a handbag in a neutral color to look phenomenal. It's the sequin dress that does all the work here! Do not overdo the showy accessories, as they can create an impression of excess. If you want to look chic and elegant, bet on accessories that will be a subtle companion to your creation.

Sequin dresses - large sizes

If you carry plus size and you are looking for a sequin dress then you have come to the right place. The Poza brand has prepared a collection of glittering creations in basic and XXL sizes. Sequin dresses for fluffy people will beautifully emphasize the beauty and divert attention from the imperfections of the figure. You can be sure that no matter what size you are in such a creation you will impress everyone!

At any age, it's appropriate to shine!

What kind of dress for a 50-year-old woman? A sequin dress! What kind of dress for a 30-year-old? Of course, also sequined! This type of creation will work at any age, because it's also appropriate to look stunning at any age. If you're wondering what creation to choose for a special occasion, don't hesitate any longer and get acquainted with sequin proposals from the Poza brand! Or maybe you want to explore other options as well?

If not sequins, then what?

Are you looking for a shimmering dress for a wedding, but you're not into sequins? No problem. The Poza brand has prepared for you creations that, referring to the latest trends, exude shine in various ways. For example, pay attention to flared taffeta creations with metallic silver or gold ornaments. Or maybe you will be inspired by classic dresses shimmering with gold or silver thread? It's worth exploring the different possibilities and give yourself a chance to make your dream creation catch your eye! Take a look at our collection of elegant dresses and choose the perfect model for you from sequin dresses or other glittering creations.

Brand Offering Beyond

When choosing the perfect dress for a special occasion, look out for unique sequin dresses, and more, by Poza. Using more than 40 years of experience in the creation of elegant women's clothing, we design and sew with the utmost care unique models of creations for everyday and festive occasions. In our online store you will find a wide range of proposals for output dresses, which impress not only with beauty, but also with high quality. Fast delivery will allow you to enjoy your new creation soon after ordering. If you have any questions, we offer assistance from our Customer Service Department. We will help you choose the right model and size of sequin or other dresses. Buying a creation of the brand Poza, you are sure that the creation will fit beautifully and emphasize your assets.

Frequently asked questions about sequin dresses

Glittering creations are a great choice not only for weddings and holidays. They are the perfect base for styling for a wide variety of occasions. If you have any questions about our collection of sequin dresses, please contact our Customer Service Department. A perfectly chosen sequin dress is a sure way to create a wow effect!

Are sequin dresses still fashionable in 2024?

Yes, sequin dresses in 2024 are triumphing at fashion shows. This fashion season is all about shine, and sequins are one way to make a creation look amazing. Choosing such a decorated creation, you can be sure that you will not only be elegant, but also fashionable! Such an outfit is so versatile that it will not lose its relevance after one season. You can be sure that such a creation will fit for different occasions for many years to come. In elegant situations sequins will probably never go out of fashion!

Are sequin dresses appropriate for a wedding?

As we wrote above, as much as possible! This is one of the best choices. Sequin dresses wonderfully fit into the wedding atmosphere! The shiny creation will look great during the wedding reception, on the dance floor and in the photos!

Does a sequin dress make you look fatter?

A sequined creation will not optically add pounds to you, if you choose the right cut for your figure. Remember that when choosing the cut of the dress you must pay particular attention to the proportions of your figure. Next, you should choose the right size, so that the sequin dress is neither too big, nor too tight in places from which you would like to divert attention.

What shoes to wear with sequin dresses?

For a very glamorous outfit, the safest choice will be shoes of the same color, but without excess ornamentation. Opt for pumps on a stiletto heel or elegant heeled sandals. In autumn, boots can also work well. If you prefer flat footwear, chic ballerinas or flat sandals with delicate straps will look good. Sequin dresses are exceptionally ornate and overly ornate or contrasting color footwear can spoil the whole effect and make the styling not look elegant.

Where to buy a good quality sequin dress?

If you care about high quality creations get acquainted with the offer of the Poza brand. Over 40 years of experience of this company in the production of exclusive women's clothing, including sequin dresses, gives you confidence that the dress you choose will be impeccably tailored, carefully sewn and polished in every detail. If you dream of a premium quality creation, bet on a dress by Poza.

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