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  • Ella Blue Elegant Airy Dress
    899,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  42  44  46  48 



    Elegant airy dress in blue color. Feminine cut with an emphasized waist will work as a proposal for many occasions.put on over the head short sleeves with a frill midi lengthComposition: 100% synthetic silk lining: 100% viscose
  • Sara Flowers Elegant Summer Midi...
    859,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44  46  48 



    Elegance in a feminine floral design. Made of delicate chiffon in ecru color. Waist emphasized with a belt. Airy midi length hem.decorative crease at the neckline 3/4 sleeveIngredients:100% synthetic silk lining: 100% viscose
  • Kalina Flowers Knee-length Silk...
    759,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  46  48  50 



    Knee-length floral dress sewn from airy chiffon. A-line cut. Comfortable viscose lining in navy blue.airy sleeve button fastening on the backComposition: 100% synthetic silk Lining: 100% viscose
  • Latoya Beige Silk Dress for Spring
    769,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  38  40  42  44  46  48  50 


    Dress made of delicate airy material in beige color with brown leaf pattern. Feminine maxi length cut in which the waist was emphasized with an elastic belt.long sleeve without lining v necklineComposition: 100% synthetic silk Lining 100% Viscose
  • Lucie Pink Silk Dress with Feathers
    799,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  38  40  42  44  46  48 



    Classic dress with a cut of a delicate trapeze, sewn from silk. Delicate fabric in powder pink with a floral pattern, adds feminine charm. The original character of the dress is added by feathers at the sleeves.length past the knee non-removable feathers no zipperComposition:100% Artificial silkLining:100% ViscoseTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE 38 IS 100 CM
  • Sara Elegant Cocktail Dress
    1 Review
    819,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44 



    Elegant and feminine cocktail dress in ash color with a beautiful floral pattern. The waist is emphasized with a decorative sash.7/8 sleeve midi length buttoned on the backComposition:100% Synthetic silkLining:100% Viscose
  • Flora Green Elegant Silk Dress
    759,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44 



    Elegant midi dress sewn from synthetic silk in the color of bottle green. The dress is decorated with a feminine floral pattern, adding to its unique charm. Model with a cut-off at the waist additionally emphasized with a decorative sash. Cut emphasizing the feminine assets of the figure.7/8 sleeve envelope necklineIngredients: 100% synthetic silk...
  • Lucie Elegant Dress with Feathers
    789,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  38  40  42  44  46  48  50  52 



    Elegant knee-length dress with feathers. Made of noble material in black on the background of which the floral pattern looks beautiful. Model with a simple cut inserted over the head.round neckline decorative feathers liningComposition: 100% synthetic silk lining: 100% viscose Length 101 cm in size 40
  • Flora Leopard Flowy Dress
    719,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  36  40  42  44  46  48 



    Feminine Flora dress sewn from chiffon, in green-blue color with print. It has a cut-off at the waist, which perfectly emphasizes the figure. This dress has a lining, which provides full comfort of wearing.flared bottom envelope neckline decorative binding at the waistComposition: 100% Artificial SilkLining:100% ViscoseTOTAL LENGTH 124 CM IN...
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

Synthetic silk is one of the most striking fabrics. It features not only a beautiful appearance, but also durability and easy care. The production process of synthetic silk is more ecological than the process of obtaining the fabric from silkworms. Check out the collection of amazing dresses of the Polish brand Poza made of synthetic silk, which delight with their colors and patterns.

Airy and picturesque synthetic silk dresses

Synthetic silk dresses they are airy and delicate. They perfectly emphasize the feminine nature and add airiness to the silhouette. If you are looking for a dress for a wedding, a creation from this fabric will be an excellent choice. Original cuts and a wide range of colors will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. Polish dresses they delight with their unique character. In the offer of the brand Poza from this fabric you will find knee-length dresses, midi dresses, as well as maxi dresses. Each of these lengths looks extremely elegant and impressive. As evening dresses long creations made of synthetic silk will work perfectly. Among the various cuts, it is worth choosing the cut that suits your figure to fully emphasize its assets. Elegant dresses made of synthetic silk are versatile and timeless. The excellent quality of workmanship means that they can be enjoyed for many seasons.

Blush dress with accentuated waist in synthetic silk

If you are looking for a creation for special occasions, which will beautifully even out the proportions of the figure, accentuate its advantages and mask any deficiencies, flared dress made of synthetic silk is a great option. Look out for unique creations with an accentuated waist and a spreading bottom, offered in many patterns and colors. This cut works well in both knee-length and extremely chic mid-calf length versions. Fashionable envelope neckline dresses or V-shaped optically slenderize the neck and expose the assets of the female figure. For ladies who prefer a more built-up top of the outfit, models with a classic round neckline will be perfect. For colder days perfect will be long sleeve dresses or 3/4 sleeve dresses. In creations made of synthetic silk, this element is characterized by transparency, which has been fashionable in recent seasons and is extremely striking. For the warmer seasons will be perfect for short sleeve dresses or dresses with elbow-length sleeves.

Loose-fitting bloused dress

For elegant occasions, we also recommend creations with a flared, but casual cut, without an emphasized waist. Such a cut is extremely feminine and allows you to mask any figure imperfections. Synthetic silk presents itself beautifully in motion, looks phenomenal when dancing. This is a great option for weddings. Such creations are also perfect dresses for communion, family and social events. Creations in this cut will prove themselves as unique cocktail dresses or elegant formal dresses.

Straight or trapeze cut silk dresses

Straight cut dresses made of synthetic silk have their own special charm. The delicate fabric with a picturesque pattern makes the creation look stunning. It composes extremely beautifully with fashionable decorative elements, such as feathers at the transparent sleeves. This is a proposal for ladies who appreciate a sophisticated combination of classics and the latest trends. Synthetic silk also looks fantastic in a loose trapeze cut. This is an extremely versatile fabric, which gives the creation of any cut a unique charm. The universal knee-length will make such a dress timeless and suitable for many occasions.

Patterns and colors on synthetic silk

Elegant dresses of this unique material are a wealth of designs and colors. Synthetic silk is primarily romantic, feminine and always fashionable floral dresses. This fabric, however, is equally impressive with other patterns. Amazing animal print dresses, in undefined picturesque patterns or classic peas - all look perfect and emphasize the character of the lady wearing it. When choosing the right pattern of creation, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it perfectly accentuates our personality.

As for colors, their rich palette available in the brand's Beyond collection allows you to match the right shade to your beauty type. A red dress made of synthetic silk is just one of many possibilities. Playing with fashion, it is also worth betting on less popular colors. How about any of the shades of green? A lime or pistachio dress can be a hit for a special occasion. Both dresses for summer, as well as for other seasons, look great in vibrant shades, lighting up the complexion.

Beautiful creations for special occasions and everyday wear

Synthetic silk dresses work well in many situations. They are a great choice for all seasons for everyday and festive occasions. Ankle-length dresses will be suitable for more formal events, while midi and over-the-knee lengths are very versatile and perfect for all occasions. Airy creations look beautiful at events such as weddings, communions and christenings. They are also ideal for name day parties or birthdays with family and friends. The most beautiful dresses made of delicate material are also the perfect choice for a date or an elegant dinner. Is there anything more romantic than an airy floral creation?

Synthetic silk dresses - plus sizes

The brand's Poza collection is characterized by inclusive sizing. In plus sizes, the perfect fit is classic dresses made of synthetic silk, as well as more extravagant ones. Both casual dresses, as well as holiday dresses they are produced in sizes from 36 and 38 to 48, 50 and even 54, so that each lady can choose the perfect creation for herself.

Airy and feminine creations for ladies of mature age

Airy dresses made of synthetic silk are an excellent choice for ladies of mature age. Their incredibly feminine energy is emphasized by delicate fabric that adds lightness to the silhouette and a touch of romance to the styling. The color palette proposed in the collection of the Poza brand is perfect for ladies of all ages. For ladies in their fifties, bright or vivacious colors are particularly appropriate, adding energy and brightening the complexion. Fashions suitable for different types of figures will perfectly emphasize assets and mask any imperfections.

Styling a creation made of airy fabric

Airy synthetic silk dresses are the perfect base for many looks. For chic occasions, subtle accessories are enough to present yourself elegantly and dazzlingly. Fine jewelry in neutral colors is the perfect complement to such a creation. Stilettos, ballerinas or elegant sandals are the perfect footwear for the elegant styling of an ethereal dress. For less exquisite events, other accessories will also be perfect. Post pumps or heeled boots will work. Jewelry can be more colorful and visible. A dress made of synthetic silk is also a great base to create an original look for everyday life and play with fashion creatively. Such a creation is also a fantastic choice for lovers of boho style, which allows for many interesting experiments with accessories. An airy floral creation and a leather ramones jacket? Why not! This is also a perfect combination! It is worth improvising and creating the most varied styling to emphasize your personality and temperament.

Synthetic silk and ecology

An extremely important issue these days is the problems of ecology. This topic is also being addressed in the apparel industry. Contrary to popular opinion, the production of natural silk is more ecologically disadvantageous than the production of synthetic fabrics. In order to obtain fabric from silkworms, huge energy inputs and a large amount of water are required. Ethical issues are also not insignificant. In contrast, synthetic silk production is cruelty-free. It is worth considering these arguments when choosing an elegant creation for special occasions.

How to care for a synthetic silk creation?

Synthetic silk is a delicate but durable fabric. It can be a mixture of different fibers, so it is always a good idea to take care of the creation according to the washing, drying and ironing regulations on the label. This ensures that a beautiful synthetic silk dress will last us a long time. It is also a good habit to store elegant creations in covers in the closet. This protects them from accidental damage by household members or pets. A good quality synthetic silk creation can serve for many years, maintaining its impeccable form.

Where to buy a high-quality elegant synthetic silk dress?

Poza's collection is available in the brand's online store. The available models are presented in photos, as well as often additionally in the attached videos. This allows you to take a close look at the creation before ordering. If you have any questions about the products or sizes, you are welcome to contact the Customer Service Department. Orders through the brand's online store Poza can be placed around the clock.

Amazing dresses from Beyond brand

The creations of the brand Poza are characterized by excellent workmanship with attention to every detail. The perfect cut and high quality of the dresses make the outfit fit perfectly, beautifully laying on the body. Synthetic silk dresses look especially phenomenal in motion, making them an ideal choice for events such as weddings or corporate events. Equally stunning are chiffon dresses beyond brand. This fabric is also airy and delicate. They also delight the very fashionable this season sequin dresses, perfect for exceptionally formal occasions. It is worthwhile to study the entire collection to choose the perfect creation for yourself.

Polish fashion brand Poza is not only dresses. The offer also includes chic suits, elegant ladies' suits and unique ladies' ensembles composed of pants and a striking blouse. In the assortment, attention is also drawn to the unique elegant suits, which are an original and attractive alternative to dresses for special occasions.

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