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  • Blanche Red Elegant Jumpsuit...
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    SIZE :  38  40  42  44  46 

    COLOUR :  RED 

    Blanchewomen's jumpsuit in red, sewn from fabric. It has a beautifully shaped teardrop neckline, thanks to a hidden trouser.waist accentuation belt covered zipper on the back pockets decorative sleeves with slitComposition:70% Polyester30% ViscoseLining:100% ViscoseTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE39 IS 156 CM
  • Blanche Cornflower Elegant...
    919,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  40  42  44  46 


    Blanche women's jumpsuit in cornflower color, sewn from fabric. It has a beautiful layered teardrop-shaped neckline, thanks to a hidden trouser.emphasizing the waist decorative sleeves with a slit pockets covered zipper on the back beltComposition:70% Polyester30% ViscoseLining:100% ViscoseTOTAL LENGTH IN SIZE38 IS 156 CM
  • Belleza Marine Women's Jumpsuit
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    SIZE :  38  40  42  46 


    Women's jumpsuit sewn from airy chiffon in sea green color. Loose cut with decorative binding at the waist.wide leg decorative neckline buttoned at the backComposition: 55% Viscose 45% Polyester Lining: 100% Viscose
    659,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  48 


    Coverall made of high-quality fabric. Both everyday and visiting.decorative ribbons no liningComposition:50% polyester25% Viscose25% Spandex
    729,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  38  42  44  46 

    COLOUR :  RED 

    Coverall made of airy chiffon.wide leg decorative neckline binding at the waist fastened at the back with a buttonComposition: 45% polyester 55% Viscose
    659,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40  42  44  46  48 


    Coverall made of high-quality fabric. Both everyday and visiting.decorative ribbons no liningComposition:50% polyester25% Viscose25% Spandex
    679,00 zł In Stock

    SIZE :  40 


    Coverall made of high-quality fabric. Both everyday and visiting.decorative ribbons no liningComposition:50% polyester25% Viscose25% Spandex
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In a woman's closet there are plenty of stylish creations that emphasize the unique character and class of ladies. Some cuts have enjoyed unflagging popularity for years, others return to favor depending on the season and the prevailing fashion. Is it possible to fit in with the current trends and at the same time stay true to your taste? Of course it is! Many women express their individuality through their everyday creations, as well as those prepared for a special occasion, and this is a perfect example. Some ladies prefer elegance, and sometimes it is their profession that forces them to wear official outfits. Many others, on the other hand, rely on casualness, comfort and convenience when performing business and personal duties. Both classic and everyday outfits can be characterized by unique style. Among customers of clothing stores, women's suits are very popular. This is not surprising, as they are extremely versatile. They are perfect for wearing in various situations regardless of the season, and the variety of designs, colors and cuts allows you to easily match a model adequate to your tastes.

Women's overalls - elegant elements of closet

Among women there are plenty of lovers of elegant style. Not only does it allow you to feel special, but it is often simply required for various celebrations. Many ladies on a daily basis must adapt to the dress code imposed by employers. A number of professions require those in a particular profession to wear official items of clothing. This not only emphasizes the rank of the position held. Often with the elegant appearance of the employee is also equated with the quality of his services. This is because subconsciously others get the impression that if someone takes such care of his own appearance, he probably also takes proper care of fulfilling his professional duties, so cooperation will be satisfactory. For this reason, numerous positions require employed people to dress formally in classic, brand-related colors. In this case, women's smart suits are ideal. Choosing them is a great way to meet dress code standards while still maintaining originality.

Women's elegant overalls - a wide selection of models

For those ladies who are not fond of classic combinations, such as a skirt or pants and a jacket, this is undoubtedly an interesting and worth considering alternative. You can opt for both more modest models and decorated ones, depending on your personal preferences. Within the variety of cuts, a rich color scheme is available, which will allow you to find the right colors and shades for yourself and your professional situation or occasion. With this type of creation can be combined both stilettos and other types of footwear, including slightly less elegant. Not only for work, elegant women's suits are often chosen. Women wear them just as readily for meetings with friends and family events.

Women's suits for a wedding - an interesting alternative to dresses

Wedding with family or friends? No idea for a creation for the wedding party? This is a very common problem that arises before this type of event. During such a celebration, every woman wants to look unique and elegant, and at the same time feel free to party until the morning without embarrassment or discomfort. Many women wonder how to avoid the awkward situation of meeting another person in an identical dress at the party. This is an uncomfortable moment, because everyone wants to look stunning and unique. So where lies the golden mean between original and unconventional styling and ensuring proper comfort? How to dress for this type of celebration? The answer is women's jumpsuits for a wedding.

Women's jumpsuits for a wedding - the basis for a unique creation

This is undeniably an interesting and original proposal, which will emphasize a woman's individual style, her uniqueness and desire to express herself through the clothes she chooses. For this kind of party you can wear without fear a richly decorated cut with sequins, glitter or brocade elements. Ladies, on the other hand, who opt for minimalist and modest women's suits for the wedding, can spice up the whole thing with accessories, such as your favorite jewelry and handbag. As for the color scheme, it remains completely free, depending on the taste of the lady invited to the party. In light of this, women's suits seem to have only advantages.

Women's overalls for summer - a combination of comfort and aesthetics

The search for and discovery of fashion inspiration is undeniably served by the spring and summer months, when thick outer garments, hats and scarves are gradually put away, and colors associated with warmth begin to reign in closets. This is also the time of vacations, vacation trips and undertaking all kinds of recreational outdoor activities. Who doesn't like to take a walk in the park or meet up with friends in the city on sunny days? During all these occasions, freedom and comfort will be provided by women's suits for summer. For hot weather, it is worth choosing airy, breathable materials, as well as loose cuts. This will prevent sweating and, consequently, the feeling of discomfort. To enjoy the charms of summer to the fullest, it is also useful to have the freedom that such clothes provide.

Women's overalls for summer - clothing that supports summer activities

Thanks to overalls, there is no need to worry that when performing various movements, for example, when riding a bike, a strong wind will blow up your dress or your blouse will get too big. What's more, women's suits usually take up very little space, so you can easily pack them into a suitcase and take them with you on vacation. For ladies who appreciate classics, standard colors are recommended, while women who want to introduce a touch of extravagance into their closet can choose from a variety of colors of selected cuts.

Purchase of overalls, which are the perfect combination of aesthetics and comfort, can be made in our online store or by visiting partner stores in Poland. You are welcome!

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