Sequin dresses have mastered 2023 and are confidently going after 2024!

Sequin dresses have mastered 2023 and are confidently going after 2024!

Sequined dress a hit with celebrities in 2023

Usually the season for sequins comes in winter, when New Year's Eve and Carnival are approaching. This year, however, is quite different. The Golden Globes Gala, which takes place in January, proved it perfectly. In creations adorned with glittering creations showed themselves: Margot Robbie, Michelle Yeoh, Julia Garner, Salma Hayek or the phenomenal Angela Basset. Jennifer Coolidge looked stunning in a black sequin creation from Dolce & Gabbana. Sequin dresses also took over the Oscar gala in February. Such creations were worn by the most prominent stars, such as Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson and Jamie Lee Curtis. Creations with sequins were also worn by Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Olsen and Fan Bingbing. This meant that in spring this trend would not only take hold, but would explode with redoubled force. May's Met Gala proved this thesis. Eva Longoria and Kendall Jenner, among others, appeared in sequined creations. Shiny discs were also triumphant in the following months. In September, the famous MTV Music Awards took place, and it turned out that the trend has not diminished at all, and designers still rely on sequins when dressing stars. Sequin season is underway to gain momentum. The upcoming carnival means sequins from head to toe!

Trends for Carnival 2024

While glittery details will work in a carnival every year, in this one designers propose a complete lack of restrictions. Sequins should drape all over the creation. Gucci even presents a coat drowning in tassels with these shimmering embellishments. Sequin dresses, skirts and coats are also offered by Valentino. Other designers also present their interpretations of this trend. Small shimmering elements decorating an outfit can be of various shapes and sizes. They will not always be small circles. Designers also propose sequins in diamond-like shapes, rectangular shapes, as well as a mix of different sizes and colors. Moreover, sequins also have an important place in the shows for spring 2024. Just look at the beautiful skirts proposed by Sergio Hudson or the beautiful tops or dresses by Kate Spade.


Various cuts of sequin dresses

When choosing the right cut of a creation, it is always worth paying attention to the context, that is, the occasion for which you want to wear it. The type of silhouette and temperament are also important! Fortunately, manufacturers offer a wide range of cuts and colors. For carnival balls and weddings, for example, it is worth betting on maxi dresses made of sequined fabrics. Such creations look beautiful in tailored cuts, with an emphasized waist and a striking slit on the leg. For banquets, social and family events, sequin knee-length creations will be an excellent choice. Fabrics with sequins can take many forms. Shiny discs can be sewn directly onto the fabric, as well as attached to tassels sewn to the fabric. They can also be a combination of these two ways of decoration. Dresses with sequins all over the fabric will work better in fitted cuts, dresses with sequin tassels will also look great in looser cuts. It is also worth noting that such looser creations have a fantastic ability to mask the imperfections of the figure.


How to choose a sequined creation to fit the figure?

Every woman can choose the right cutsequin dresses to your figure. Ladies often wonder whether sequined dress thickens. Contrary to popular opinion, this is not true. However, it is worth betting on a cut that fits the figure and a dress in the right size. A well-chosen creation will emphasize the assets of the figure and mask its shortcomings.

Ladies with an hourglass figure should choose creations that emphasize ideal proportions. An accentuated waist in a pencil creation with an envelope neckline will look great on this type of figure. For women with a pear figure, the best creations will be A-cut or flared. They will help hide fuller hips and balance the body proportions. Ladies with an apple figure can bet on creations with a waist or a straight loose cut. In this case, sequins can even slim the figure. Creatures with draping around the waist and an overlapping neckline will be perfect. If you choose a maxi creation, then a long slit on the leg will be its additional advantage, because it will allow you to show slender legs. Ladies with a column figure can opt for sequin dresses with a simple loose cut or with a clearly emphasized waist. Glitter will work for any size!


For what occasions is a sequin dress appropriate?

Sequin dress is a must have for Carnival 2024, but it will also be perfect for any party in autumn and winter. It is worth betting on a striking shiny outfit and make a dazzling impression on everyone. The creation with sequins will work perfectly both as a a dress for a corporate event, as well as a dress for a wedding. These are events that are held at any time of the year, and a creation with small shiny discs will look fantastic on these occasions. Sequin dresses for Andrew's Day, sequin dresses for Christmas and New Year's Eve are an obvious hit.

Alternatives to sequin dresses

Sequin dresses are very fashionable and extremely glamorous. They provide a wow effect! However, you should also pay attention to alternative outfits ideal for carnivals and other occasions, in which you can look equally stunning. Staying with sequins, however, when you are not keen on dresses, it is worth betting on sets consisting of pants and a sequined top. This is an excellent alternative option, in which you can look very fashionable and at the same time stay in line with your preferences. For ladies who love dresses, but are not fond of sequins, a great option are fashionable creations with metallic prints. These can be mesh dresses with shiny dots and peas, which imitate sequins. In such a creation you can shine during the carnival with equal power as in the one with shimmering discs. Shimmering taffeta with a metallized floral or other less defined print will also look beautiful. Such accents are as fashionable as sequins! The same goes for crystals. In the coming season, creations decorated with zircons will be perfect. They, too, will allow you to shine and stand out from the crowd! For ladies who prefer a more subtle shine, dresses made of shiny fabrics are a great option. These can be fabrics with a subtle as well as a stronger sheen. Also creations with gold or silver thread will look great. It is worth mentioning that all gold or silver dresses are extremely fashionable in recent months, and looking at the proposals of fashion houses, this trend will continue.


What to wear with a sparkly dress?

A sequin dress does not need many accessories to make the styling dazzling. In this case, it is better to bet on more subdued and neutral accessories, so that the creation plays the first fiddle. Excessively rich jewelry can overload the styling and the whole thing will look overloaded. For a sophisticated, elegant look, it is a good idea to choose subtle gold or silver earrings and a necklace. The exception may be particularly lavish and formal galas of a ball character. Then more rich necklaces will fit the context and beautifully complement the creation.

As for footwear, subtle heeled sandals or not too heavily built-up pumps, preferably in a neutral color or the color of the creation, will work best. Add a small handbag, such as a clutch bag, and styling ready.

Sequin dresses versus ethics and the environment

Sequins are produced from plastic these days, which may raise concerns about the environment. However, such a decorated creation has the advantage that it will not go out of fashion for a long time. This trend has been going on for decades, only to gain even more momentum every now and then. It is hard to imagine a situation where shiny little discs would not look fantastic at any carnival, holiday or wedding. So, it is an excellent choice for many seasons and many occasions. Having a timeless dress in our closet, we do not have to buy a new one every now and then, which will become outdated after a few months and end up in the trash. To be absolutely sure that you are buying a creation that will last for years, it is worth investing in a creation of good quality, perfectly tailored and sewn with attention to every detail. It should be cared for according to the washing and drying regulations on the label or tag. To reduce the carbon footprint, it is a good idea to choose local manufacturers that have all their production in the country. This prevents the product from having to travel thousands of miles and pollute the environment during transportation.


Dress with sequins to a must have in any woman's closet. Every year designers outdo each other in modern interpretations of this striking outfit. Once such creations were suitable only in evening situations, now sequins are ideal for many different occasions. Their advantage is also the fact that they look great on many types of figures and guarantee a wow effect! There is a reason why celebrities choose just such creations for the most important galas and social gatherings. These are dresses that are the perfect base for styling both minimalist and more extravagant styles.

When choosing a shiny creation, it's worth paying attention to its quality to make sure it's an investment for years to come. It's also worth betting on local manufacturers to reduce environmental pollution caused by transportation from far away. An excellent example is the collection of the Polish clothing brand Poza, which has in its offer high-quality creations with sequins in a variety of cuts and colors.

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