Wedding styles for fall 2023 - a short guide to the latest trends

Wedding styles for fall 2023 - a short guide to the latest trends

Trends for the coming months 2023 - autumn dresses and more

When preparing a styling for a wedding, first consider what will be its base. You can opt for a suit, a women's suit, a set of pants with a stylish blouse, an elegant suit. However, still elegant dresses for a wedding are the most popular and traditional choice. So it is worth looking at the fashion trends for this season, which can be a great inspiration before choosing an outfit for the special occasion.

In the designers' proposals for autumn 2023, there are at least a few recurring elements that can be applied to a wedding outfit. Some of these trends are a continuation of the directions indicated by fashion houses in previous seasons. Certainly, see-through fabrics will still be very much in vogue. In the form in which creations made of transparent fabrics are presented on the catwalks, it is unlikely to be good to show up at a wedding. For such a ceremony, you can't afford an outfit that completely shows what's underneath. Nevertheless, it is worth applying the trend to some elements of the creation, for example, choose one with transparent sleeves of chiffon or a bedspread or cape made of this material. After all, the proposals from the catwalks do not have to be copied one to one, but only inspired by them.

In previous seasons metallic and sequined fabricswere fashionable . This has also been maintained in proposals for autumn. Shimmering fabrics are still on trend, and at the same time they fit fantastically into an occasion such as a wedding. You can successfully choose a silver or gold dress for a wedding, or, for example , a glamorouswomen's set consisting of elegant pants with a blousewith sequins.

As for cuts, a very wide range of proposals can be seen on the catwalks. Still fashionable are frills and ruffles in the sleeves, but also creations fitted at the body. Basquins or draping on the dress will also be very timely . As for women's suits, you can see many proposals for jackets with slightly or more widened shoulders, both in oversize and fitted versions.

When it comes toouterwear , along coatseems to come out first . In what color? About it below.

elegancki komplet damski z cekinami

Coats, ensembles and dresses for fall 2023-trendy colors for a wedding

To sum up, fall 2023dresses in the visions of designers take the most diverse forms. And what does the color palette look like?

As for the most fashionable colors of creations, scarlet red comes out on top. Airy chiffon dresseslook beautiful in this color . If you wear red shoes with it and compose other accessories in this color as well, you can be sure that your styling will be perfectly in line with the latest trends. Red from head to toe guarantees a very attractive and eye-catching look.

Autumn is also the color of orange. On the catwalks you can also notice this color. It is presented in an intense version, as well as slightly mixed with red. A creation in such a color is an excellent choice for a wedding in autumn. It is also worth noting the delicate pastel yellow-gold color. Some call it buttery. Creations made of light materials in this color really look very elegant and stylish. Of course, in autumn the classic beige color is also very on trend.

If you prefer cool colors, you can bet on a very light pastel blue intense version of blue, which takes you on a sentimental journey to summer. Greens this season are primarily olive. This color goes wonderfully with, for example, black or white. Also fashionable in autumn are grays and, above all, black. One of the hottest trends this season will be the long black coat. Why not take advantage of this trend to choose outerwear for your wedding outfit in colder weather?

When choosing elegant dresses for a wedding, purple lovers should pay attention to deep grape or plum color. Still fashionable are viva magenta and fuchsia. Ladies who prefer pink can choose creations in a pastel variety of this color. That's not all! More intense candy pink will also be very fashionable in autumn.

elegancka długa sukienka

Fashionable autumn prints - 2023 season

It seems that the popular Wednesday series had a huge influence on the creations of designers. This applies not only to the cuts of the proposed dresses, but also to the printy. Flowers in creations for the coming season seemed to have taken on a slightly dark character. Most often they are dimmed, less colorful. On the other hand, if they even appear in intense colors, then on a dark gray or black background. As such colors are increasingly allowed at weddings these days, ablack floral dress in this style can also be a good base for styling for the occasion.

What for lovers of classics for a wedding in autumn?

The good news is that classics are always fashionable. So if you don't like or are afraid of fashion novelties, you can choose a safe version. As for colors, you can be sure that navyblue or burgundy will always look beautiful and elegant at this time of year. Choose a classic dress with a straight or pencil cut. But these are not the only options. Both flared dresses and navy cut dresses will work wonderfully. If you are wondering about the length of the creation, choose one that is most suitable for your figure and temperament. For a wedding in autumn, you can wear both a maxi dress and a midi or knee-length dress. Elegant dresses for a wedding in autumn should not be sewn from thick materials, like dresses for everyday wear at this time of year. If you are worried about being chilly, opt for a stylish women's suit or pants with an elegant blouse. Match it with a classic coat. Remember that fashion is for you and designers' ideas are just suggestions. You can draw from them, get inspired, but you don't have to. Always choose outfits in which you feel good and look great. Styling should emphasize your character and personality.

sukienka do kolan z szyfonem

What shoes for an autumn wedding 2023?

In autumn we slowly give up sandals in favor of covered shoes. In wedding styling for autumn, classic stilettos will always work. The most fashionable at the moment are pumps with a pointed tip. However, if you prefer a different shape of the shoe, nothing prevents you from wearing the kind you like. If, on the other hand, you feel insecure in stilettos, you can successfully bet on shoes on a platform or a platform. Already since spring, such footwear is back in favor, and certainly, properly selected to the whole styling, will look elegant and fashionable. For dresses in the style of Wendesday, whether monochromatic or floral, shoes of the Mary Jane type, that is, with a strap, can work. You can choose a version with a heel, a corset or flat. Any of them will look very stylish. Also fantastic will look very fashionable this season shoes with a bow. Such a decorative element can take different forms - from discreet to very visible and eye-catching. When choosing such footwear, pay attention to the fact that it should definitely match in style with the creation you have decided on. Of course, not only the character, but also the color of the footwear is important. Black shoes or those in nude seem to be the safest choice. However, this season it is worth trying to break out a bit and play with fashion. While there has already been talk of a red dress and red accessories,.... how about red shoes for a black creation? They will also work well with a beige dress. They will wonderfully enliven the styling and add a touch of pepper to it.

If you are going to the wedding in a suit, you can bet on flat shoes in a masculine style, such as elegant loafers.

Handbags for wedding to elegant dress for fall 2023

Ared handbag, just like red shoes, is a very attractive accent for styling even in a different color scheme. This season, such an accessory is sure to match any styling. Equally versatile in autumn 2023 may turn out to be a silver-colored handbag. Designers propose such an accent to a wide variety of styling. Silver is a neutral color, nevertheless, such metallic shine adds glamour to the styling. This is the latest trend, but, of course, you can opt for a different handbag color that more closely matches your outfit for a more classic fall wedding look.

As for the type of handbag, of course, a clutch bag will work best at a wedding. The devil is often in the details, so if you decide, for example, to go for a small elegant mailbag, the most fashionable look will be one on a chain, rather than on a shoulder strap. Mini trunks are also best if they have a chain. And as in all cases, if you prefer to opt for more classic and subdued solutions, you don't have to look at fashion. The most important thing is that you feel yourself in your styling.

Jewelry - trends 2023

For elegant occasions, a rule that has been known for years is that less is more. This applies especially to jewelry. It is safer to choose small earrings, bracelet and necklace, rather than too exaggerated, which will overload the styling. This year, fine jewelry is also very much on trend. However, you can also bet on larger forms. Designers suggest especially accessories with floral patterns. Fashionable are large stones or intricate and rich constructions of pearls or crystals. When deciding on such an expressive piece of jewelry, choose whether it will be a bracelet necklace or earrings. Let one of them catch your eye. The whole set can also look interesting, but only with a very modest, subdued dress.

Outerwear for wedding styling for colder days

Outerwear for during the wedding is generally left in the checkroom, but keep in mind that often before the wedding we attend the wedding ceremony in the office or in the church. Especially in the temple it can be chilly. Also, you will need to move to the wedding hall, and already during the party itself we may sometimes feel like going out to get some air. It should be remembered that dresses for autumn in wedding fashion are still creations made of rather light materials, so an outer garment, for example, in the form of a coat or artificial fur, can definitely come in handy in colder weather. This season the most fashionable coats are those with a length to the ground. Of course, black is the most fashionable, but other colors will also work. Wear a red coat with a red dress and you will look like a fashion icon! Another dominant trend is jackets and coats made of artificial fur. This is also a very elegant way to protect yourself from the cold and an interesting complement to your wedding styling.



Wedding in autumn is a great opportunity to combine classics with the latest trends. Have fun with fashion! Create styles inspired by fashion news. If you are looking for the perfect wedding dress for fall 2023 or a set of women's dresses for the occasion, take a look at the offer of the Polish fashion brand Poza, and you will surely find the perfect creation for you.

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